Common Mistakes Students Usually Do while handling Literature Assignments

Common Mistakes Students Usually Do while handling Literature Assignments

Like any other assignment, literature homework requires a conscious effort to ensure that you present a flawless paper. However, in the course of writing, students make errors of omission or commission. These errors eventually lead to a fail. This article will look at some of the common mistakes students make when writing their literature assignments and ways to avoid them.

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Here are the mistakes that students make in their literature assignments.

  • Poor Research

The first stage of writing a flawless paper is to do good research. You should always strive to explain your ideas clearly and back them with verifiable information from other studies. Before writing any arguments, ensure that you put all your information together and plan your paper.

Unfortunately, many students do not have the time, rush, or know how to carry out proper research. They carry superficial research and make many general statements that add no value to the paper. This results in a low-quality paper that earns them low marks.

Sometimes students fail to use relevant data for each of their arguments. They get overwhelmed by the information and cite sources that do not carry enough weight to support their arguments. This is as bad as doing poor research. Take your time and pick suitable material for citations.

  • Poor Citing of Sources

As explained earlier, you have to work with various sources when doing your literature assignments. You need to quote, paraphrase or refer to certain information that is available in these sources. When you do so, ensure that you cite them accordingly so that the tutor may refer to them as he reads your work.

Unfortunately, many students fail to cite all their sources. Any uncited work is usually seen as plagiarized work and may lead to grave consequences such as suspension, redoing the work, and legal issues. This is why it is important to go through each sentence and add the source of information.

On the other hand, some students fail to check the required citation style and use the wrong ones. The tutor usually provides the preferred style in the instructions. Check for it and use it in your writing.

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  • Deviation from the Question

All of the literature questions will come with questions that you will answer through arguments. Unfortunately, several students continue to write content that does not answer the question they were asked. Despite good research and citations, these students get low grades.

We recommend re-reading the question before you start to write your answers. If the question requires you to write answers in stages or more than one answer, re-check it after each stage. This prevents you from deviating from the question.  Check if the question is sufficiently answered when reviewing your work.

  • Becoming Too Judgemental

Many students become too Judgemental when critiquing work done by others without providing backup for their opinions. This ends in a paper that is full of their wild ideas that cannot be verified. It is important to get facts for each opinion that you express in your literature assignment.

Second, you need to beware of the same source bias. This is a case where you base all your opinions on a particular writer. In doing so, you tend just to copy what they are saying rather than create arguments on your own. Remember, your answers should show that you thought through your arguments and did not just summarize what others said about the topic.

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  • Grammar and Spelling Errors

You should strive to deliver assignments that are devoid of spelling and grammar errors. Simple errors such as punctuation, capitalization, misuse of quotation marks, and poor formatting show that you are not keen on your work. You may have perfect content and have done good research. However, if the tutor won’t understand your sentences, you will still fail in your paper.

All quoted work must have quotation marks. Paragraphs should be divided with headings and contain no more than five lines. The use of bold, italics, and other special characters should follow the general instructions for the paper. Make your work easy to read and understand while maintaining the tutor’s interest.

Most students fail to proofread their work due to a lack of time. They tend to complete their papers a few moments before it is due and have no time to read it through. Others rely on software tools to check and fix errors. While many tools have different features, they are not able to pick context errors in your paper. Always read your work after using these tools.

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