Common History Assignment Misses and How to Avoid Them

Common History Assignment Misses and How to Avoid Them

History students around the world are under pressure to submit flawless assignments to get high grades. There is nothing as depressing as having to redo your assignment or getting that low grade that counts in the end-of-the-semester score. Therefore, you must be meticulous when writing your assignments and avoid simple errors that might lead to a low score.

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 Here are some common history assignment misses and how you can avoid them.

1. Ignoring Some Instructions

All assignments come with a set of instructions that you must follow to the letter. However, some students get too absorbed in the research that they forget to check some instructions. Others skim the instructions instead of reading each line. This often leads to misinterpretation and omissions when implementing them.

Ensure that you read and understand all the instructions before commencing with your assignment. It is also good to keep checking them as you write your homework to avoid deviating. After completing your assignment, proofread the work by checking if you have complied with all instructions. Your tutor will first check if you followed the instructions before even evaluating your content.

Sometimes there is a gray area in your instructions. It is good to clarification from your tutor. However, if the missing instructions do not touch on the core requirement of the assignment, deliver the best paper possible based on general requirements for similar papers.

2. Stuffing Technical jargon

You do not show your prowess in history by using all the textbook technical jargon in your essay. Besides, do not need to use English vocabulary just to impress your tutor. It will be apparent that you spent all the time looking for vocabulary rather than making viable arguments in your answers.

Instead, strive to make thoughtful arguments in your paper as per the instructions. Use words that are easy to understand and best fit for the context. Strike a conversational style.  Only use hard-to-understand words when it is necessary.

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3. Not Proofreading Your Work

You expect to make a few spelling errors as you write your paper. Your word processor may underline some errors. However, context errors may go unnoticed. Unfortunately, most students do not take time to go through their work and correct these errors. This causes them to lose marks in an otherwise good essay.

Ensure that you complete your work in good time so that you are able to go through it and correct the errors in time. Do not just rely on software tools to find and fix errors. Go through it and see if each sentence sounds right.

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4. Not Referencing Sources Properly

When writing your history assignment, ensure that you reference any information that you pick from other sources. Plagiarism occurs when you present ideas from other writers as your own. It is a serious crime in academia, which could lead to grave consequences such as suspension and legal proceedings.

Before submitting your work, ensure that you go through your work and references to ensure that you have cited all ideas. Besides, use the citation style that your tutor instructs you. You may make the correct reference but in the wrong style, which would also lead to a fail.

5. Running Short of Time

Assignments have a timeline within which you should have completed them. Unfortunately, most students try to rush at the last moment and complete their homework just before the due time. They do not get time to proofread their work or carry out proper research. The tutor will notice some obvious errors that will let them know that you rushed in your work. It takes a few errors for the work to be termed as poor quality.

Give your assignment a priority over other activities. Create a schedule for completing your homework and stick to it. Avoid procrastinating just because the work is due several days away.

6. Being Mean with Words and Filler Content

This is a little different with grammar and spelling errors. When you are mean with the words, you tend to condense your arguments to a few sentences such that it is not clear to the reader. This is often because of poor research, running out of time, or not understanding the question. We have discussed each instance in the sections above. All this can be avoided by ensuring that you are engaged while handling your History assignments. Get tips for getting all History Homework students engaged in learning.

On the other hand, filler content is words that do not add value to your essay. Students usually put filler to reach a given word count. Unfortunately, the essay becomes bloated, diluted, and lacks flow. Always aim for concise sentences. Break ideas into individual sentences and ensure that each sentence makes sense. It is also good to give each new idea its paragraph.

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