six topic up to 3000 words

  Your essay should be in APA format—12 pt. font, double spaced, 1 inch margins
o You WILL need to use in-text citations of the text book in order to receive credit for this assignment.
  Your essay should be edited, without grammatical, spelling, punctuation or other errors.

ASSIGNEMENT INSTRUCTIONS:  For each “topic/term,” please provide the following:
o Definition of the term/topic
o Description of the characteristics of the term/topic
o The person(s) who created or named the term/topic, and/or how the term/topic originated. o An example of how the term/topic is used in “real life”
  For each “topic/term,” please also add 1-2 sentences explaining the following: o How might YOU use the topic/term in the future?
? Your example might be from everyday life, or from school (such as a future course). ? Be as specific as possible!
  Because each assignment is different, each one will be evaluated on its own
  The following equally weighted factors will be considered when grading the essay(s);
o Accuracy of the definitions and descriptions provided
o Demonstrated understanding of how to apply the concept in everyday life
o Demonstrated understanding of the need for a citation of all information from the textbook o Completeness, clarity, and detail of the information provided