Claim of cause essay – US unemployment and US Crime rate

Claim of Cause Essay  

US unemployment rate and US Crime rate ( is there a correlation or not)


Construct a claim of cause essay that establishes a probable cause or effect for a given condition. You may choose your own topic or select a topic from ” The essay must be 500-700 words and include a reference page in APA format that cites at least two credible sources of information. 


Consider the following questions as you create your paper:



·        Does the writing have a definite beginning, middle, and end?

·        Is the thesis the last sentence in the introduction?

·        Does the thesis include three supporting ideas mirrored in the level I headings?

·        Does the writing capture attention?

    Does the ending give a note of finality or logical conclusion?

·        Does the thesis make a causal claim?



·        Does the paper establish criteria to determine cause/effect relationships?

·        Does the paper use reasons, examples, or quotes for support?


Document Design

·        Is APA documentation used correctly in relation to the cover page, title, internal headings, internal citations, and the reference page?

·        Is the format for margins and spacing standard?

·        Are citations in parentheses concise and complete enough to find the sources on the reference page?


Word Choice/Effective Sentences/Punctuation/Spelling and Mechanics

·        Are ideas parallel?

·        Are words added to make comparisons logical and complete?

·        Do modifiers point to the words they modify?

·        Does the writing maintain a consistent point of view?

·        Are verbs consistent in mood, voice, and tense?

·        Is paper free of spelling and mechanical errors?