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                                  APA FORMAT & NO REFERENCE PAGE

Discuss and interpret the five standards on page 132. 

Share five developmentally appropriate activities and the five standards in action. 1 Page Only

Here is an Example:

The five standards are:

1. Joint productive activity: Students and teachers producing together. The teachers can have activities for the children that are encouraging language, that is visual, have hands on, and can evaluate.  This can be reading a book and expanding the curriculum about it, like reading a book of “the very hungry caterpillar”.  

2. Language and literacy development: Developing language and literacy across the curriculum. The teacher needs to find ways to encourage language and literacy.  The teacher can have the children draw a picture of the story of “the very hungry caterpillar” after they finish reading the story and they can dictate what they drew.

3. Contextualization/making meaning: Connecting school to students’ lives. Connecting the new information learn into real experiences.  This can be by having caterpillars in the classroom and observing how the caterpillars grow and turn into a butterfly.  This will be a science experience.

4. Challenging activities: Teaching complex thinking. From these experiences the children will learn and explore by having the visual of observing how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

5. Instructional conversation: Teaching through conversation. The children need to have dialogs with other people to help attain more language skill.  Also by asking children open ended questions to help promote cognitive thinking.