Causal Argument essay: Active Shooter Trend


I have written comments in the rough draft in bold red to be follow and also Please follow the essay instructions as well. not only my notes.

1) Follow all the instructions accordingly. 

2) You will need 2 books (REQUIRED FOR CITING) I have uploaded the pages you need for the frames and models. Other book can be found on pdf online.

3) In text citation must be fixed to include the PAGE NUMBER not the year of the book

4)Use 1 Frame and at least 2 models from the Rhetoric of Argument book.

I used them but please re-write them to fit better

5) The Thesis needs to be re-written and you need to talk about the trend if its going to be trending more and if its a good or bad trend

6) Find the precipitating cause of the trend and include it in the essay

7) Every new paragraphs must start with a cause of the trend and linked back someway to the Thesis. 

FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES please as this is my final.

Hand Written Notes are also to be followed. It should help you make it easier.