Discussion 3

Week 3: Meatless Meal Planning


Select one of the following diets and provide a 1 day menu, including 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.

As a class, please also try to represent all four types of menu options listed below. vegan lacto-vegetarian ovo-vegetarian lacto-ovo-vegetarian

This needs your creativity, and you should **not** simply use a menu you find on the internet. 

Try to develop a menu that you might actually eat.  You do not need to write in sentences for this (you may list out the menu).  Make sure you include all relevant details, including serving sizes.


Student has responded to all parts of the question correctly.  Uses appropriate supporting evidence whenever needed.

Student demonstrates strong writing skills.  Writes in complete sentences.  Proper use of spelling and grammar.  Meets length requirements.  References provided in APA format. Uses parenthetical citations.  


Timeline assignment

I need to create a timeline for major geological events in earth history. There are 20 given events. I need you to..

1. create a list of such events in chronological order in a citation form (examples below)

2. find 5 ADDITIONAL major geological events and add it too the above list

3. write a 100-word explanation of why those five. (100 words for all five collectively, not each)


Each entry must include a date, a label (including the genus (Italicized) for organisms marked with an asterisk), and a source. 

Here are two examples of appropriate labels to get you started: 

4.5 Ga. Formation of the Moon. (M. Barboni et al. Early formation of the Moon 4.51 billion years ago. Sci. Adv. 3, e1602365 (2017)) 


70 Ma. Favorite Cretaceous dinosaur. Therizinosaurus. (  


Laboratory Exercise for Plate Tectonics Earthquakes Related to a Hypothetical Plate


Laboratory Exercise for Plate Tectonics

Earthquakes Related to a Hypothetical Plate Boundary

Lesson Description

In this exercise we will plot 40 theoretical earthquake events at the juncture of two tectonic plates.  Students will then analyze the pattern of earthquake locations and compare these patterns to possible plate boundaries.

Learning Objectives

Student will learn to recognize the earthquake patterns associated with plate tectonic boundaries.

Step One

Plot the Earthquake Data found in Table #1 onto the Area Map (Figure #1). Feel free to duplicate this map to use as work copies. Place a dot or small circle on the map to represent each earthquake event (epicenter). Next to your earthquake location write the value of the depth at which that earthquake occurred (focus).

Step Two

Using the East-West Crossection (Figure #2) plot the surface location (epicenter) of each earthquake and then, based on the depth related to each earthquake event, plot the earthquake focus. On the crossection trace the top and bottom of the plate based on the earthquake focus depths.

Step Three

Answer the following questions.

Question #1: Does the pattern of deep and intermediate earthquakes indicate a tectonic plate boundary? If so, describe.

Question #2:Â  Is it possible to predict the thickness of this plate? How thick could this plate be? Does this thickness relate to a continental plate or oceanic plate? Oceanic plates are not 100 kilometers thick, discuss what then could account for the apparent thickness of this descending plate?

Question #3:Â  Can a second pattern be found that could be describing the other plate? Describe.

 Figure #1:Â  Area Map

Figure #2: Â Crossection


Climate Change Assignment

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Instructions in file.

Must be two full pages 

total of 3 videos.


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2-page summary after watching amovie


Cut and paste the video link onto your browser, and watch “How the Earth was made S1 E1 — San Andreas” posted by WorldHistory (2017).  You will need one hour and a bowl of popcorn.  Then write a two-full-pages summary and it must include a minimum of 15 fun facts about the San Andreas fault.  This should take you the same amount of time as hiking to the San Andreas fault and taking notes along the way. Your two-page paper must include 1 inch margins, 12 point font that is easily read, and 1.5 inch spacing between lines.  

Any deviations from content, format, or length of paper (except a longer paper) will result in a lower grade.


regional poster sessions

I have anthropology poster for some site. the first file that called requirements, it has all the requirements that you need to follow carefully. the topic is in the second file that called topic. It is about photos, maps, information about the maps and photos. also, you can add some texts if you want but it should not be that long texts. 


I have Geology three multiple questions

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Academic paper on Volcanoes

 Need a 6 page academic paper with 4 sources APA style discussing the origin of volcanoes, where they take place, how and why.  Does human activity have an affect on how and why volcanoes they erupt. Discuss the other weather conditions and natural disasters volcanoes cause. Talk about lava, and ash from the volcano the benefits, and the dangers.  Explain the volcanoes along the cost of HI, Pacific islands etc. Are there any volcanoes forming else where around the world.  What safety precautions can one take to be safe from volcanoes before and after eruption.