Case study HR

There is an attached example 


You need to choose one of these (A, B, C or D) options. 


· Weeks 2-5: Choose an option. Start working on the case study.

· Week 6: Complete and submit the case study.

Your case study should focus on a real organization. Ideally, you should know something about this organization. Examples can include, but are not limited to, your organization [NOT YOUR CURRENT WORK ORGANIZATION], a branch of the armed services, an institution of higher learning, a place of worship, a store or restaurant in a national chain. 

You need to choose one of these (A, B, C or D) options. Paper should be 5-6 pages.

· Option A –

· Examine an organizational change process/problem occurring within the organization (3pts),

· choose a theoretical model or models (from text) that frames the change process and its role in the organization (3pts).

· Discuss specific actions you would implement to facilitate the change process (3pts).

· Develop recommendations that other organizations can learn from the organizational change that you have observed (3pts).

· Use APA style, references and excellent writing (3pts).

· Option B –

· Examine an organizational dynamic problem (such as communication, leadership, effective teams, influence and power, motivation or diversity) within the organization (3pts). 

· Identify how individual behavior affects this problem (3pts) and how you would address this particular behavior so that the organization would benefit (3pts). 

· What theories would you incorporate to support your strategies? (3pts) 

· APA style and excellent writing still count. (3pts)

· Option C –

· Focus on one or more challenges and/or opportunities in the organization (3pts).

· Develop reasonable solutions to the organizational dynamic problems observed using appropriate facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories (6pts). 

· Discuss evaluation techniques and evidence (assessment data) that you would implement to measure organizational effectiveness (3pts). 

· And yes, APA and writing style still count. (3pts)

· Option D –

· You are examining a real life organization and observe many issues, some good and some not so good. You are writing a book with Deal and Bolman that has an important message, even several messages (3).

· It has an interesting perspective and offers reasonable solutions to organizational dynamic problem (3), that perhaps could even be shared with the leadership of that organization.

· It needs to have references and sources (3), backed up with appropriate theory to support your comments (3).

· And yes, great writing style and APA notations are expected. (3).

Reference topics from chapters in your sources and supporting statements.

· Don’t forget references (including text), bibliography, and examples

· NO MORE THAN FIVE PAGES, Double-spaced.


Save the file as LastName1_LastName2.doc or .rtf. Upload the file and submit it through the title link above.


Here are topics of the course 

– Field of Organizational Behavior – Introduction to organizational theory – Diversity

– Attitudes, Emotion and Personality

– Understanding Social Perception and Motivation

– Group Behavior, Teams and Communication

– Leadership and Power 

– Managing Conflict – Organizational Structures

– Organizational Culture – HR Policies

– Managing Change and Organizational Stress