Chemistry Degree Careers

Careers You Can Pursue With a Chemistry Degree

A chemistry degree equips you with the necessary analytical and laboratory skills to handle various tasks across several disciplines. You can use the skills you earn in a chemistry degree class in various disciplines such as Chemistry in medicine, natural science, physics, engineering, and archeology.

When you earn a chemistry degree, you can monitor variables, generate and maintain data, enhance your research, written, and oral skills. Besides, you can be relied on to solve complex issues and present data in a way it can be used to solve problems.


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You are at liberty to specialize in one area of chemistry, such as analytical, physical, organic, or inorganic chemistry. This leads to specialized opportunities in the employment world. Besides, you can specialize in areas where chemistry is applied, such as cheminformatics and biochemistry.

You may also advance in areas where analytical skills are required within a larger industry, such as nanotechnology or forensic investigations. Chemistry opens up doors for a vast number of opportunities in the economy. Our expert tutors can assist students who need chemistry homework help.

Here are some of the careers that you may pursue with a chemistry degree.

1. Toxicologist

A toxicologist is responsible for testing tissue and blood samples to detect various substances in the body, such as alcohol, poison, or pharmaceutical drugs. A toxicologist can work in a medical laboratory or in the forensic investigation team to help solve murders and other crimes.

2. Biotechnologist

If you love nature and live organisms to find solutions for various problems and have a nick for research, a career as a biotechnologist is good for you. Biotechnologists use live organisms to design products that help improve the lives of target communities through improved health or availability of food.

They take time to study specific organisms, their general attributes, cells, and tissues and use the knowledge to transform them into products with tangible benefits. Due to the unique nature of their jobs, they can fit across various disciplines such as medical, energy, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

3. Analytical Chemists

Analytical chemistry requires an eye for detail and superb technical skills. People who pursue the career use various methods to investigate the chemical composition of various materials and substances. They place these substances in various conditions to ascertain their behavior.

The role of an analytical chemist depends on the industry they are serving. Here is an example. An analytical chemist who works in a pharmaceutical company studies the chemical properties of a drug to ascertain how it would behave in various weather conditions. In the manufacturing industry, they check the stability and quality of the substance at hand for use in the development of products.

4. Pharmacologists

As the name suggests, a pharmacologist is tasked with researching a particular drug, its effectiveness, interactions, and related issues. They determine how a drug works so that they are able to tell how much of it is required by the patient, when best to take the drug, and other safety issues.

Pharmacologists also carry out vitro research using living cells and tissues to determine a drug’s interaction with biological systems and different organs. They work primarily in the medical field and have immense contributions in the manufacture of medicines.

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5. Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry teachers transfer knowledge to students through lectures and demonstrations. They follow the set curriculum to ensure that students grasp all the major concepts required in their study. Tutors are a vital link between the field and academia and take pride in transforming the lives of their students.  If you love spreading knowledge, a chemistry teacher is your best chance to impact young minds.

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6. Quality Control Chemists

Quality control departments are tasks with the job of ensuring that standards are met during production. They test various substances before they are used in production and the final product before leaving for the market. QCs work in manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

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