Branches of Philosophy

Philosophy is one of the oldest academic disciplines. Ancient thinkers such as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and others were philosophers whose writings and inquiry have informed much of modern western thought. Philosophy is a field concerned with the search for the truth concerning life. The quest for truth requires us to go beneath the surface to unearth what is hidden.Personal philosophy also focuses on oneself understanding.

The study of philosophy isn’t different from other subjects because it takes asking questions, answering them, and resolving problems. Philosophers first formulated this method of analysis because all study is searching for truth. This mindset is why all scholars were referred to as philosophers regardless of their field of inquiry. When seeking philosophy homework help, you should know that philosophy as a modern field of study is more structured than in ancient times. It is divided into seven branches as follows.


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  • Axiology
  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Political Philosophy
  • Aesthetics
  • Logic

1. Axiology

Axiology is also known as the theory of value. This branch of philosophy focuses on studying value and goodness. The original meaning of value was the financial or market worth of a thing. However, in the 19th century, individual thinkers and schools broadened the understanding and use of value. Some of these thinkers include Friedrich Nietzsche, Alexius Meinong, Eduard von Hartmann, among others. Von Hartmann used the term ‘Axiology’ for the first time in a book title when he wrote Grundriss der Axiologie (Outline of Axiology) in 1909. Philosophers, including Ralph Barton Perry, further developed axiology.

One of his seminal works, General Theory of Value, is likely to be an essential part of your Philosophy homework help online . Some commentators have referred to this book as the magnum opus of the modern study of axiology. This book describes value as “any object of any interest” to a person. He later broke it further down into eight sections, which he referred to as the eight realms of value. They include morality, art, economics, religion, custom, science, law, and politics.

2. Metaphysics

In ancient times and the middle ages, the type of inquiry we now call science was metaphysics. It was dedicated to the study of the origin of things and their nature. This branch of philosophy gets its name from a treatise written by Aristotle in the 4th century BC. He called it the ‘First Philosophy, ‘Wisdom,’ ‘first science,’ and ‘theology.’ This work was later edited and given the title. Ta meta ta physical thus ‘Metaphysics.’ Today, metaphysics focuses on studying the nature and the being of the universe.

It is divided into Cosmology and Ontology. Cosmology seeks to explain the origin of the world, its evolution, and the laws that keep it in order and explain its end. Ontology, on the other hand, studies the things that exist and how they relate to each other.

3. Epistemology

This branch of philosophy investigates the origin, nature, and extent of human knowledge. The name is derived from Episteme and Logos, which mean knowledge and reason, respectively. This is why any tutor offering you philosophy homework help will inform you that epistemology is also known as the theory of knowledge. Philosophers use epistemology to test the explanatory power and the descriptive accuracy of the theories they develop as they move deeper and deeper in their quest to understand the world.

4. Ethics

Ethics is the definition of tight and wrong. Ethics in philosophy explain right and wrong and how to act correctly in a specific situation. It is also referred to as moral philosophy. The question of ethics is always subjective depending on the school of thought the philosopher discussing it comes. A person who believes in hedonism may, for example, have a completely different view on the appropriate reaction from a person with a more altruistic worldview. Ethics is a crucial consideration when it comes to practical decision-making.

5. Political Philosophy

This branch of philosophy studies and involves itself with political opinions’ concepts, principles, and arguments. The term ‘politics’ in this context refers to anything that pertains to the government. The main question that political philosophy seeks to answer concerns the deployment and limitation of political power. It is informed by the need for a balance between public preservation, progress, and order, which requires a certain level of control, and public happiness and freedom, which requires individual autonomy. The quality of life for the citizen is found at the nexus between these two critical circles.

The dominant political philosophy among important state actors may influence the administrative structures of a government. However, political philosophy as a field of inquiry doesn’t study administrative systems.

6. Aesthetics (Esthetics)

As the name suggests, this is the branch of philosophy concerned with matters to do with the nature of beauty, art, and good sense. Aesthetics has also been defined as a critical reflection on art, nature, and culture. This inquiry develops the concepts by which people should evaluate the works of art. Aesthetic, however, goes beyond art and delves into the form of nature to develop ideas on how it should be evaluated.

7. Logic

This is the philosophical study of the types of logic and its nature. This study also seeks to explain the relationship between logic, mathematics, and other disciplines.

This branch concerns itself with laws of thought, the rules of correct reasoning, and valid arguments. People use the word logic in everyday conversation to refer to the validity of a decision or argument or the lack thereof.

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