Best Methods to Avoid Procrastination When Starting an Assignment

Nobody plans to rush through their assignment last minute. Every student assumes they’ll handle the assignment ‘at some point.’ Unfortunately, this ‘point’ keeps shifting. Before you know it, the deadline is hours away and you’re flashing through the assignment in an adrenalin-fueled haze. Sometimes you do not do it at all. How’s that for your grades? Not good at all. With proper planning and the appropriate homework help from expert tutors, you can stop procrastinating and do your assignment on time. These tips will help you along:

1. Organize Yourself

How many assignments do you have? What’s their scope? What about deadlines? It’s one thing to know that you have assignments, and quite another to spell them out. Here you can simply make a list of all your assignments and the amount of time you have to finish them. Also differentiate between those assignments that you can handle by yourself and those that will require some homework help.


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2. Set Specific Goals

Outline exactly how you intend to get your assignment done. An opaque statement such as ‘I’ll do my assignments tomorrow’ leaves so much room for error. You’ll wake up and promise to start the assignments after breakfast. Then you’ll decide to catch up with just one episode of your favorite show. Before you know it’s midday. You decide to have your lunch then study afterwards. Before you know it, the day has gone by without touching your assignment. Break down the assignment into precise tasks and assign a timeline to each one, with reasonable breaks in between. It can look something like this:

  • 7pm to 8pm – math – Calculus assignment
  • 15pm to 9pm – Chemistry – Atomic Structure assignment

Identify the resources that offer help with homework so you can have them ready. By knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and at what time, you’ll be less likely to procrastinate the tasks.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Electronic gadgets are without a doubt the number one distractions in completing your assignments. You get a hold of your phone to check on one notification; next thing you know you’ve been scrolling for an hour. It is not enough to put your phone on silent. Switch it off and put it away. Unless you’re seeking some online homework help from professional tutors, avoid going online all together. The internet will easily entice you with many other things when you should be attending to your assignment.

4. Change your Scenery

Have you heard that familiarity breeds contempt? That applies to studying as well. Spending all your time in one location makes your mind sluggish and affects your comprehension and concentration, and you keep postponing your assignment. If you’re in school, move from the classroom to the library. If you’re at home, you can carry your books and homework help resources to a nearby coffee shop. Even a slight change like studying from the dining table as opposed to your room makes a significant difference. If you really don’t have the option of changing your environment, then take a walk to clear your mind.

5. Start with the Hard Stuff

Have you stopped to ask yourself why you keep procrastinating? Part of the reason could be the complexity of the assignment. Even the thought of tackling those hard topics bring you anxiety which causes you to put them off for later. Begin with these tough ones. There’s plenty of homework help online to assist you. With this bit done with, the worst is now behind you, and you can tackle the rest with ease.

6. Aim for Progress not Perfection

You could be procrastinating since you’re afraid that you won’t do the assignment perfectly. If you’re aiming for perfection; you’ll be waiting a long time. There’s no ‘perfect’ time to do anything. Just start and keep going. The progress may be slow, but with every passing minute you’re a step ahead.

7. Reward Yourself

Remember the goals you set earlier? Offer yourself a reward each time you hit one. A reward here could be a snack, an episode of your favorite show, 30 minutes of social media and so on. Avoid activities that exhaust you mentally such as gaming. The reward here is supposed to refresh you mentally and not the contrary.

8. Check Your Circle

What type of students do you surround yourself with? If your close buddies brag about doing their assignment last minute, or not doing it at all, as it it’s some sort of an achievement, then you’re likely to follow suit. Surround yourself with friends who prioritize their studies. You can assist each other with assignments. Together you can also research on online homework help resources. They say show me your friends; and I’ll tell you who you are. Keeping the right company goes a long way in ensuring that you complete your assignment on time.

9. Get an Accountability Partner

What happens if you do not achieve the goals earlier set? If you do not have anyone to hold you accountable, there will be no consequences. Knowing that you can get away with it only encourages you to put the task off indefinitely, eventually having to rush through it last minute if at all. An accountability partner keeps you in check. Knowing that someone is watching pushes you to do your homework even when you don’t feel like it. Soon enough, you learn that ‘feeling’ has nothing to do with it. You just need to start and the rest falls into place. Don’t forget that homework help is within reach whenever you need it.

Your assignment comprise a major part of your final grade. Unlike in class where you have to go by the teacher’s pace, when tackling assignments you can learn at your own pace. You can also get personalized online assignment help from qualified tutors. You don’t have to put it off till the last minute. Allow yourself enough time so you can give it your best and achieve that grade that you deserve.