Write Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay  About Los Angeles , double space Arial font 2 full pages 





Ashford 4: – Week 3 – News Story

Ashford University Assignment Submision Week 3 AssignmentSeeing is Believing

While we can easily become engaged in a print news story that is well-written and tailored for a specific audience, the ability of television to “show us” the news is something that has given it the edge over print news media for decades. Traditional radio also provides us with the “storytelling” aspect where we may find ourselves sitting in the car hanging on to every word of a great news story. This week, you will write a broadcast script for a television news story and for a radio news story. The television script and the radio script will both be designed for the delivery of a story that is 5 minutes in length.

Topic and Sources of Information: The issue that you choose to write about must be current and have some relevance for your local community, city, and/or state. You must derive the information for this story from print media only . You will need to read several print publications for mention of the story and take notes of the facts of the story from several national publications.

For this assignment you must:Adhere to the Broadcast Script Template Summarize facts and/or statistics that are relevant to the storyDevelop the story for the local audienceCompare two opposing opinions about the topicProvide proper attribution for all sources of information included (facts, statistics, images/video, and opinions).Incorporate at least three visual elements to enhance the television storyIncorporate at least three indirect quotes (citing other sources) to enhance the radio storyA list of each of the sources must be included using the Media News Source Template

Saving Your Work: To maintain the formatting of your work, you are strongly encouraged to save your assignment as a PDF file. View Saving a Word Document as a PDF for steps on how to do this.

Check it! Your print news stories must be submitted through Grammarly and Turnitin prior to submission.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment




Ashford 5: – Week 4 – Discussion

Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses.

 Digitized News

Digitized NewsPrepare: It is befitting that we discuss writing for digital media after we have explored print and broadcast media because the Internet has given us the capability of converging those two forms of traditional media. In Chapter 7 of Writing for the Mass Media, Stovall (2014) states, “The Web is like broadcasting and newspapers, but it is also something quite different. Although it shares many of the characteristics of other media, it has qualities that make it unique. Those qualities are immediacy, flexibility, permanency, capacity, and interactivity.” Read Chapter 7 and explore all of these qualities about news on the Web. Reflect: Take a moment to surf the web for news on at least four digital news media platforms. Consider what you see in relation to the five qualities that Stovall (2014) discusses in the reading. How well are those qualities demonstrated on the sites that you explore? Write: Choose two of the sites that you explored and write a 250- to 300-word response that discusses at least two of the five qualities of digital news media. In your initial post, you must include at least one in-text citation from the reading material and an additional in-text citation from a scholarly source that you locate in the Ashford University Library or from another credible source. At the end of your post, include your name and a full reference for all sources cited in the body of your post. All citations and references must adhere to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center . Check it! Your post must be submitted through Grammarly and Turnitin prior to submission. Respond to Peers: After you have written your initial post, read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two others about their experiences exploring digital news media. Your responses should address them by name, be between 100 and 150 words in length, and you must include your name at the end of each response.  

Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.



Ashford 5: – Week 4 – Peer Critique

Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses.

 Peer Print Story Critique

Peer Print Story CritiquePrepare: Part of being a journalist is about putting your work on display, and in today’s media, dealing with the feedback that comes along with it. For this assignment, you will post your Week 2 print story after you have made corrections based on your instructor’s comments. View the Formatting Stories and Blogs for assistance with formatting your story. Reflect: (Person Giving Feedback) In reading the stories of your peers, you will consider the following five elements for critiquing the story. To refresh your memory about what to look for, review Chapter One in The Complete Editor.The LeadStory StructureCompletenessStyleObjectivity Write: After reading two of your peers’ stories, write a 250- to 300-word critique on the articles they presented. Be sure to mention aspects of the story that were engaging as well as those things you believe could have been improved.  

Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.







Assignment 8

Follow the   instruction finish this work.

Due: March 22, 2018 2:00 pm. EST


Powerpoint Add-On


Using the movie you chose for the Communication Practicum Project, create a final presentation using a screen recording tool such as Screencast-O-Matic or PowerPoint with audio.

How do I make a video of a PowerPoint presentation using Screencast-O-Matic?

How do I create an audio recording (with PowerPoint) for my class assignment?

Create no fewer than 12 slides to support your analysis, including: Title slide Objectives slide Review slide Final slide

The presentation should be 10-15 minutes in length and should cover no fewer than half of the following communication elements: Culture Perception Perception of Self Listening Verbal Messages Non-Verbal Messages Emotional and Conversational Messages Interpersonal Relationships Interpersonal Relationship Types Interpersonal Conflict Conflict Management Interpersonal Power and Influence

The presentation should have no fewer than 4 cited resources, including your book. 

The presentation should have no fewer than 3 examples of your movie taken from YouTube or another Internet source.  You may use any scene that you have previously evaluated.

The presentation must have an Evaluation Section as the summary. It should give a personal evaluation of the communication process from your point of view. You will not use sources, quotes, paraphrases etc. in this section. You are expected to provide an in-depth discovery and explanation using what you have learned throughout the quarter.


Reflective Paper on "The Story of English" documentary film

link for the video:


write detailed summary of the film,4 pages , 12 point font and one inch margin.


Please look at the additional documents that I have uploaded. only do “the story of english”


ARP Presentation

requirement attached. another two is the example and make a 100 words comment of it.


Short Business Report with Memo of Transmittal

 Information Technology 

Parameters, Short Business Report with Memo of Transmittal This document provides the basic parameters (assignment details) required for formal project 3 (FP-3), the short business report. Observe these details when preparing your report, and ask your instructor for additional clarification, if necessary. Report Topic (Scenario) An instructor from one of your curriculum-related courses has asked you to prepare a report recommending a total of six different sources: (a) three top publications (which may be print, online, or both) and (b) three top websites related to your course or curriculum. In your report, you must (a) specify the title of each publication and website, (b) specify the URL (web address) of each website, and (c) briefly summarize or describe each publication and each website. You will also include a memorandum of transmittal to forward the report to your instructor. Note: If you have not yet taken classes in your program, you will need to engage in a bit of investigative homework. You may need to email or visit faculty or fellow classmates for needed details. Transmittal Memorandum The first page of your document must be the memorandum of transmittal. This memo serves to explain the audience, author, and basic purpose of the attached report. It should be concise (short and to the point), and should reflect no page number. The memo should indicate an appropriate date of transmission of the report itself and may not exceed one page. Report Page(s) At the top of the first page of the report, include the report title (the same title that you identify in the transmittal memo), your name (as author of the report), and the date (of the report’s completion). If your report covers multiple pages, include a page number at the top of each page. (The first page of a multiple-page report should be numbered as page 1 because the transmittal memo is not technically part of the report). ? The report starts with an introduction section, including a statement of purpose for the report. This paragraph should provide essential background information and should end with a clear “road map” that tells the reader what to expect in the remainder of the report. ? After the introduction, you may use headings and subheadings in the body of the report to ease the reader’s task. For example, possible headings for the “Fraud Liability” report might include “Analysis of Liability for Fraud,” “Other Considerations,” “Conclusions,” and “Recommendations.” Parameters, Short Business Report, page 2 ? A conclusion section is required to respond to the report’s purpose and how the report has achieved it. The conclusion may include further recommendations. ? The length of the report will be determined by necessity to convey the introduction, body detail and discussion, and conclusions but must include at least three adequately developed paragraphs or sections (and probably not more than five paragraphs or sections). ? If you choose to add tables or and figures, each should all be labeled and formatted appropriately. ? Make sure that all sources are acknowledged accurately and adequately for the intended reader. 


The Self and Perception Discussion

Chapter 2 talks about Perception (How we see ourselves, how we see others, and how others see us). Describe your reaction to Lizzie’s story and talk about how her story might motivate you. Explain “what defines you.” What type of “self-talk” have you engaged in when dealing with your own self-image? In your opinion, what role does the media have on how we define perception and how we define the world around us? 100 words minimum


APA Style

Organization Communities In Schools of Tennessee now Communities In Schools of Memphis. Please answer all questions in APA style paper form.


Part A: Context for the Case—Identifying information about the field practicum agency/organization.

Agency Background: 

Agency’s Purpose/Mission Statement:

Relationship between the agency’s mission statement and issues of human rights and social and economic justice:

Specific models or specific philosophy of practice (if any) guide the work of the agency:

Agency’s Policy and Procedures Handbook: 

Agency’s Identification with Faith Tradition: 

Agency’s Governance Structure:

Agency’s policy related to ethical behavior: 

Relation to the NASW Code of Ethics: 

Agency’s Funding Sources:

Agency’s programs and services: 

Agency’s Specific Eligibility Rules for Clients to Receive Services:

Demographics of the Clients Served:

Agency’s Organizational Culture: 


Public Speaking.

Please write a five paragraph essay MLA style on Public Speaking.

Make sure you have the following on your paper:

Introduction Paragraph

Why do you need to have the skills of Public Speaking ? (Give three examples)

What are the benefits of Public Speaking? (Give three examples)

How will you use Public Speaking in your future? (Give three examples)

Conclusion Paragraph

Please include your references and you may cite anything in the Canvas modules, announcements, or something that helped you with your research on the Internet. This paper may be copy and pasted from your word document program and into the Canvas word box.