Argumentative Research Paper

Final Research Paper:

You should take an argumentative stance. That way, you will not be simply writing a book report like you may have had to do in other classes or even in high school. You will be able to formulate an argumentative topic in which you take a stand on a particular issue.

A reasonable person should be able to take the opposing side of your issue. Your job, then, is to convince him that your position is correct, or at least that it should be seriously considered. If there are not at least two sides to your issue (look at your thesis statement), you basically have a review of the literature, not an argument.

Topic: The affects sugar have on the brain.

Three sources: , ,

CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS Word Count: 850-950 Worth: 25% You must incorporate at least three (3) sources. You must document your resources using MLA format. Research Essays submitted without any references will earn automatic zeroes as will work without a Works Cited Page. Research Essays with an incorrect Works Cited Page/Reference List will lose 20% automatically. The following material can be found in your text on page 483: Place your name, date, the title of course, and my name in the top-left corner of the first page. Page numbers appear in the upper right, one-half inch from the top. The entire paper must be double-spaced Center the title. Do not use italics or quotation marks around the title or follow it with a period.  Indent the first line of each paragraph.  Complete assignment and submit to Canvas.  The Works Cited page is separate from the body of your paper; entries should be in alphabetical order and cited in the MLA format.  SUBMISSIONS CONTAINING PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RESUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT. Submissions must be made to the Unicheck extension on this assignment.