answer these 4 questions-multiple choice

Rigid rules have the unintended effect of _____.decreasing visibility power[removed]  reducing interpersonal tension[removed]  increasing performance  Unanswered Question 3 0 / 20 pts Skip to question text.Laura is a senior manager at Pine and Acorn Consultancy. Following the semi-annual appraisals, Pine and Acorn’s human resources manager Peter informed Laura that her ratings of her subordinates were grouped at the positive end of the performance scale instead of being spread throughout the scale. Which of the following potential errors in performance appraisals has Laura committed?[removed]  Forced-choice[removed]  Leniency[removed]  Central tendency[removed]  Alternation bias[removed]  Recency  Unanswered Question 4 0 / 20 ptsWhich of the following statements best describes the underlying philosophy of Deming’s work in the area of quality assurance?[removed]  The cause of poor quality and low productivity is the system and not the employees.[removed]  The quality of an organization’s goods and services can affect the organization in many ways.[removed]  Quality is determined in relation to the specifications or standards set in the design stages.[removed]  The system should be customer driven and involve only the top management.[removed]  Effective operations control is attained by applying the basic control concepts to the operations function of the organization.  

Unanswered Question 5 0 / 20 pts Skip to question text.Harry is the CEO of Pine and Acorn Consultancy. Of late, he has noticed a steady decrease in Pine and Acorn’s revenues. He consults with the other members of the top management and instead of refining the existing processes incrementally, they decide to redesign Pine and Acorn’s processes. This change was to be implemented to better serve their customers, reduce costs, increase speed, and improve their products. Which of the following approaches for improving quality has Harry decided to implement?[removed]  Reengineering[removed]  Zero-defects program[removed]  Quality at the source approach[removed]  The Deming approach[removed]  The kaizen method