Analyze Your Passion


Alright—the knee jerk reaction in the way of society, right now; Have you learned consider, to look deeper into things–to do some philosophy??

Consider this URL: see that the uncertainties run deeper than racism, politics, religion, and inequality.  What is yours–what issue is your passion.

DIG INTO something you really care about: sport, fashion, engineering, dogs, cooking–whatever you have a passion for–and show me in five or so pages that you understand it with some philosophical depth when it comes to the ethics involved. Need at least five quotes from respected thinkers to back your ideas up.  MLA heading, abstract, cites, works cited–the usual stuff.

Using the methods of research, presentation, and argumentation on something from your REAL world, something you care about, something important to you.  EXAMPLE:  It cannot just be “I like cooking-it is fun!”  We need the philosophy of cooking, or whatever you care to explore. Example: William Blake tell us that sharing meals is sharing or life substance, a means of becoming one-that is why we have restaurants.  Candle light, say Bradbury, is very limit, so that intimacy brings us closer together.  Simple things, but major segments of being human.  Research what you love, dig into it, know it, and express it. This is DUE Monday by 12:00 noon. I would like to talk about cooking.