Data Analysis Tool

Analytical Software Used in Statistics

Understanding statistics is critical in making business decisions in today’s environment. As an aspiring statistician, you need to know certain things to understand your statistics homework help needs accordingly. Learning the principles and branches of statistics and knowing how to solve problems is critical.

However, there are two reasons why manual statistical analysis is becoming more and more difficult. One of the reasons is the amount of data involved. Customers generate a lot of data in their online interactions with your company. All of this data needs to be analyzed. It would take a lot of time and manpower to analyze the information manually.


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The large sets of data are beneficial to the business because, with proper analysis, the deductions made will be more accurate. The other reason is the speed at which the data needs to be analyzed to be helpful. Business decisions now need to be made at a moment’s notice. If you take too long to make a decision, you may end up losing revenue.

These are the reasons you need to use statistical analysis software from time to time. It is more accurate, and it is faster. Whenever you seek a statistics online homework help service, ensure it can help you with statistical analysis software. The following are some analytical software used in statistics that you may need to learn to excel as a statistician.

1. Excel

Excel Tool

Excel is the most commonly used statistical analysis software. It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, and it is found in most personal computers in homes and offices where the office suite is installed.  Its users include nonprofessionals where statistics are concerned.

MS Excel offers many statistical analysis functions that are inbuilt. You can also enhance its effectiveness by installing the Excel Analysis Toolpak add-in. It is relatively easy to use, and it has powerful features to make spreadsheets and graphs. Excel also helps with computations and calculations to simplify your data.

You may need to find statistics homework help online to understand excel, statistics, and how the two work together. Learning is made easier because excel has an inbuilt tutorial.



This is probably the best-known specialized statistical analysis software. It has been in the market for many years, having been developed by IBM, and it has built itself a wide usage. SPSS is mainly used to analyze statistics in social sciences. These include market research, health research, and government. Survey companies also use SPSS to analyze the data they gather. This software has a user-friendly interface through which you can solve complicated problems and understand the data. SPSS also allows you to code to link your statistical analysis effort with open-source software. The programming languages to which SPSS can be attached are Python and R.

3. SAS

SAS Tool

This is a statistical, qualitative, and analytical software. Like SPSS, it is one of the more popular statistical analysis software. Its usage extends to both academia and the marketplace. The reason why SAS is so widely applicable is due to its exceptionally customizable analysis and output options. This software has been in the market for many years, and its developers have consistently sought to improve. The improvement makes it more efficient and compatible with new hardware and software in the market. A look at statistics homework help is likely to show all the most helpful teaching SAS.


Stata Tool

This is integrated software that meets all the statistician’s needs. This data management software gives you complete control of your data. Some of its features include frames that help you to work on different data sets simultaneously. It also enables you to import data from other software and export the information to other software. It has an inbuilt spreadsheet in which you can merge data, merge, match, create or append data and information. This powerful software can collect data from different sources, analyze it and generate reports in meaningful ways.

STATA has the features to help you produce publication-level graphs to help you with the simplification and presentation of your findings.

5. OriginPro

OriginPro Tool

This program is relatively easy to learn and use. Besides ease of usage OriginPro has high-quality graphing capabilities, and it is primarily tailored for use by engineers and scientists. OriginPro can import datasets, export reports. This software works from a Graphics User Interface that makes it both beautiful and easy to use. The program has inbuilt bath analysis capabilities.

Learning analytical software is an indispensable part of your training as a statistician. Whether you want to use the knowledge professionally or for individual use, you can no longer expect to use ledgers and computer-generated forms for data entry and analysis. Your statistical homework service should provide you with some instruction on how to use the programs.