Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

All The Best Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to Aid in Excel Homework

Microsoft Excel enables you to compute various arithmetic and spreadsheet tasks with ease. However, you can use various keyboard shortcuts to speed up your tasks and make your work convenient.There are so many excel formulas to help learn excel quickly. It is quite hard to memorize the enter list of keyboard shortcuts. However, just a few that cover the most popular tasks you do would help.

You can use over 100 keyboard shortcuts for your Microsoft Excel. This article divides it into different sections to pick the most useful ones for your work with ease.


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General Tasks Keyboard Shortcuts

This section covers shortcuts that cover tasks like opening, manipulating workbooks, and getting help with Microsoft Excel.

  • Create a workbook: Ctrl+N
  • Open an existing Excel workbook: Ctrl+O
  • Save an Excel workbook: Ctrl+S
  • Open the dialog box ‘Save As’: F12
  • Close an Excel workbook: Ctrl+W
  • Close Excel program altogether: Ctrl+F4
  • Repeat an action that you had carried out in another cell. Here is an example. If you had changed the font or size in the previous cell, click F4 to repeat the same action in a new cell automatically: F4
  • Insert another (new) worksheet to an existing one: Shift+F11
  • Undo the last action you had carried out: Ctrl+Z
  • Redo an action you last carried out: Ctrl+Y
  • Go to the print preview screen: Ctrl+F2
  • Open the help pane in Excel: F1
  • Open ‘Tell Me What to Do’ text box: Alt+Q
  • Check your content spelling: F7
  • Calculate all the worksheets that are currently open in Excel: F9
  • Turn the key tips either off or on: Alt+F10
  • Hide or show the ribbon: Ctrl+F1
  • Collapse or expand the Excel formula bar: Ctrl+Shift+U
  • Minimize the window of your workbook: Ctrl+F9
  • Create a chart that is based on the data you selected (it is a bar chart that opens on a separate sheet): F11
  • Create and embed a bar chart based on the data you selected (this is on the same sheet): Alt+F1
  • Use the Find and Replace feature or search the spreadsheet: Ctrl+F
  • Open the file tab on the menu: Alt+F
  • Head to the Home Tab: Alt+H
  • Open the Insert tab: Alt+N
  • Head to the tap for the Page Layout: Alt+P
  • Open the Formulas tab: Alt+M
  • Go to the page data tab: Alt+A
  • Head to the review tab: Alt+R
  • Open the view tab: Alt+W
  • Move to the Add-ins section: Alt+X
  • Open the Help tab: Alt+Y
  • Switch between one open workbook to another: Ctrl+Tab
  • Insert functions to your spreadsheet: Shift+F3
  • Manipulate a Macro (run, edit, create or delete): Alt+F8
  • Open the Microsoft Visual Basic for use in the Applications Editor: Alt+F11

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Shortcuts for working on your worksheet

There are keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate within a cell throughout the workbook. Here are some of them.

  • Move a cell to the right or left: Right/left arrow
  • Head to the furthest cell on the right or left in a given row: Ctrl+Right/Left Arrow
  • Move a cell down or up: Down/up arrow
  • Go to the next cell: Tab
  • Head to the lowest cell at the sheet that is already populated: Ctrl+End
  • Go to a particular cell: F5 (Press F5 and type the cell name or coordinate)
  • Head to the cell on the left-most side in the current row. (If editing a cell, this shortcut will take you to the beginning of that cell): Home
  • Head to the beginning of the current worksheet: Ctrl+Home
  • Move a screen to the left or the right in the current worksheet: Alt+Page Down/Up
  • Move to the next or the previous worksheet: Ctrl+Page Down/Up

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Select Cells

You can select cells by modifying the shortcuts in the section above to select specific cells. The Shift key modifies the arrow keys and extends your selected cells.

  • Extend the selected cell either to the right or left: Shift+Right/Left Arrow
  • Select an entire row of your worksheet: Shift+Space
  • Select an entire column: Ctrl+Space
  • Select the entire worksheet you are working on: Ctrl+shift+Space

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Cells

  • Edit a single cell: F2
  • Add a comment to a cell or edit it: Shift+F2
  • Copy selected data, cell range of contents of a cell: Ctrl+Insert or Ctrl+C
  • Open special dialog box for pasting content: Ctrl+Alt+V
  • Remove content from selected cell range, selected data, or contents of a cell: Delete
  • Make a hard return in a cell that you are currently editing: Alt+Enter
  • Paste the name of a cell if you have named cells in your worksheet: F3
  • Delete column: Alt+H+D+C
  • Cancel the formula bar or an entry in a cell: Esc
  • Complete a formula bar or cell entry: Enter

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Cells

  • Remove bold in a selected cell range, data, or contents in a cell: Ctrl+B
  • Remove italics in a selected cell range, data or contents in a cell: Ctrl+I
  • Remove underline in a selected cell range, data or contents in a cell: Ctrl+U
  • Select and fill color: Alt+H+H
  • Add a border: Alt+H+B
  • Apply currency format: Ctrl+Shift+$
  • Apply percent format: Ctrl+Shift+%

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