953 5P

this project need to have Intro (150 words), 1 page  Outline, and Annotated Bibliography?5 sources? each one need to 150-170 words), so total need 5 pages

Due: May 8 

Develop an introduction and (updated) thesis statement based on the feedback you received on your proposal.

Write an outline of at least 5 other paragraphs (each should include about 4-5 bullet points).

Consult sources on the theme, artists, artworks, and milieu you are investigating.  

Create an annotated bibliography with at least 5 sources (see Three of these should be academic or specialized art press sources.

Use Chicago-style formatting with footnotes. To see how to create citations in this format consult the following:

Create a title related to your argument. Do NOT entitle your essay “Art History Final Paper” (or similar).