7 pages essay

You need to write a 7-9 page paper excluding your Works Cited page following MLA format. 

 You will use MLA format for your in-text citations, Works Cited and any other evidence you use             as part of your paper.

 You must use at least seven documented library sources.  Your eight source will be your anthology, White Teeth or the Barbara Ehrenreich article that we used for our midterm- your primary source in other words. At least three of these should be from a book or eBook related to your topic which you will access from the library as a hard copy book; three more should be from a scholarly journal or article which you may access online from the PCC library online; one more could be from a podcast, a weblog, an online video clip, radio or television program, lecture or public address, map or chart, cartoon, work of art, sound recording, published interview, government document, or personal interview. (How to correctly cite these sources is available to you in your Writer’s Reference pages – p. 439-41 ).

The Research Paper is worth 100 points. This is weighted at —– 20% —–

The Research Paper draft is worth 50 points. This is weighted at — 5% ——

You must follow MLA format for any long or block quotes you may use as well as all of your other quotes.  You should not use more than two block quotes in your paper. See page 51 5 of Writer’s Reference for a directory to in-text citation models and for block quotes——-

*** You may use two block quotes in your paper. These could be from your primary source or an article, book or other. However, the quote should not be longer than 6 typed lines in MLA format . If you choose NOT to have two block quotes, you may use those 12 lines as 6 more 2-line quotes.

*** You must have 2 2- line quotations from each of your sources in your paper- both primary and secondary. These quotations should not be longer than 2 typed lines in MLA format.

Please ensure that you visit the Research Paper page of your English 1A CANVAS class pages for more helpful guidelines including the PCC rubric and a planner to help you outline your research as you begin your work on this project. You should also use the expertise of the Writing Center tutors to help you with your thesis and organization. You should also consider submitting your draft to Smarthinking to ensure you are on the right track.

Time management is a very important component of writing a Research Paper, so please plan your time wisely.

I hope that you will enjoy writing your Research Paper. Choose wisely.


*For the primary resources, u can ask me to send the doc of which topic u want to do. I will send u the document for primary sources that was discussed in class.*





Research Topics for English 1A

 Affirmative Action- King Civil Rights – King Anonymous egg and sperm donation- Ehrenreich Bioethics and cloning – Ehrenreich Government -Jefferson Totalitarianism- Arendt Cultural values in the United States- Woolf Women’s rights- Woolf Genetic engineering- Ehrenreich Nature- Thoreau Civil Disobedience- Thoreau Men and women in relationship- Horney