6-12 slide Argument PPT

Choose one of the topics in Debating the Issues Part 5 of the textbook Elements of Argument  (See page: 441)

the choices are: What is  in a Word? p. 443 Social Responsibility p. 452 Science and Morality p. 458 Gender Stereotypes p. 467 Economics and College Sports p. 474

Then after reading the articles on the topic. Construct and display on a PPT or Google Presentation (use link)  (6-12 slide)

your own argument — which may be very general relating to broader concepts or a very specific issue  relating

to this topic using the Toulmin model: Claim, evidence, backing, counter-claim, rebuttal. Also use at least 3 articles. (You may find other article on your own in addition to the textbook ones. ) Cite your sources in APA or MLA.

PP should contain some visuals (Photos, pictures, graphs, etc..) for interest.