3-4 pages EASSY assignment Due tomorrow!

Due date: 05/23 9:00am CST


3-4 pages


Writing Assignments must by typed and double-spaced, use 12’ font (Times New Roman preferred), and include numbers on all pages. Conventional rules of spelling and grammar apply (exceptions are made for deliberate choices). In addition to an original title, Writing Assignments must include the following heading:

Writing Assignment # Selected Option

2 points will be deducted for each error in format, including repeats. All submitted writing is graded out of 100 points. 

Writing Exercise #4
Option A: On the subject of identity, what do Akemi Johnson and Savannah Maher have in common? Where do they differ? What conclusion can you draw from this?
Option B: Describe something about “Hand-Me-Down Halloween” that could only be accomplished in poetry.

Akemi Johnson:

Savannah Maher: