Tasks to Complete in this Module: Read pages 73-144 Study the concept of emotional intelligence Complete a short assignment about emotional intelligence Post to a discussion in which you apply the concept of emotional intelligence to the book Post your final project (commercials, print ads, or website only, not the essay) to our last discussion

    M14 Emotional Intelligence   M14 Emotional Intelligence Assignment

There are two parts to this assignment. You will submit the individual reflection in a text box on the next page. Then proceed to the discussion for Part II.  I. Individual Reflection

(1 paragraph/ 6-8 sentences):

Do you feel that you accurately perceive your own emotions? How do you “proceed” in spite of them (or by integrating them)? Think of a specific example. If you don’t wish to share something highly personal, consider a time that emotions of any kind threatened to get in the way of an academic assignment.  II. Discussion Post

Become an “expert” on a section of the text that corresponds to the first letter of your last name: 

 p. 1-25

Discuss what happens in your section How do Jeannette and her siblings exhibit emotional intelligence in your portion of the book? Explain which dimension is being used (interpersonal, adaptability, or stress management) and find a quote that illustrates this quality. Think of an image (ex: Dumpster) associated with the emotional intelligence instance or event you chose in the book. Find an image on the internet and post the image first in your discussion post, followed by your answer to questions #1 and #2.