Write an argumentative or persuasive essay focusing on the topic you chose earlier in the quarter. It is recommended that you formulate your argument using one of the argumentative modes we will study in class: Argument of Fact, Argument of Definition, Evaluative Argument, Causal Argument, or Proposal Argument.  

Essentials: Make sure your argument; however it is structured, has a clear claim (or thesis). By now you are aware that where this appears can depend on purpose and other factors. Make sure your argument can be “plugged-in” perfectly to the Toulmin Model. Understand the roles that your claim, reasons, evidence, and warrant play in the shaping of your argument. You will be required to illustrate this relationship in your proposal. Consider the rhetorical strategies that are appropriate for use in this essay. What appealsmight work?  Pathos? Ethos? Logos? Perhaps a combination of the three? It’s up to you to decide. Using the databases and techniques demonstrated to you in the library, as well as information gathered from printed materials, back up or enhance your evidence with reliable sources. You should know your way around some of these by now. For more help consult myself or a librarian. Use a grammar reference book or internet reseources for any grammar trouble spots. It is strongly recommended that you carefully reread EAA’s “Guide” (also in your particular argument’s “yellow pages”) for more detailed and specific pointers before embarking on any of the steps above. This paper will require you to use at least five reputable sources cited MLA or APA style. This is “the big paper” of the class. The finished product should be 6-8 pages long (if you have done Essay # 2 separately) or .8-10 pages long (if you have not done Essay # 2 separately).