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 empire of the summer moon What is the book’s argument/thesis/main point? Is the argument/thesis/main point convincing? How does the author(s) substantiate their claims? Use specific examples. What critique (or perhaps fault) do you find in the claim? Even if you agree with the author you can still offer criticism. What sources did the author use to write the monograph and make their argument? Were these sources adequate? This may require you to find some of the sources and evaluate them. Your overall impressions of the monograph and its effectiveness.


Final Historicism Project

You will be comparing 10 current fashion items with 10 historical fashion items. For the project, you will need to create a PowerPoint presentation

10 pages of ppt, 150 words and 2 pictures each page.


American History Questions

Question 1

Evaluate the policies and doctrines that helped the United States shift from isolationism to a Superpower during the middle of the 20th century. Be certain to include specific events, doctrines, and people to make your point.

Your response should be a minimum 75 words in length.

 Question 2

You are a journalist in the present. You have just been assigned to write a news story that evaluates the role of the United States during the Cold War era, specifically in Korea. Since your newspaper has a broad audience, you will need to include analysis of other shifts in this time period, including social, political, and economic changes in the Civil Rights movement as well as policies the U.S. takes that shape its role during the Cold War.

Your response should be a minimum 200 words in length


Assessment item 3

Assessment item 3

Academic paper

Value: 40%

Length: 3,000 words



During your course you have undertaken a range of public relations subjects that include those dedicated to crisis management and internal communication.

This section of the subject requires you to critically examine a contemporary communication or PR issue and produce a report that is both scholastic in its style and rigour, and pertinent to practitioners in public relations/organisational communication. Before you start it is recommended you look at the PRism website ( for how to construct an article to a professional standard.

It is called ‘desk’ research because you should be able to conduct it from your desk through library and other searches. You are not expected to conduct primary field research such as surveys or interviews.

You should choose one research topic from the following list:

3. “Public relations is dead.” Consider this statement and research a paper that argues for or against the concept.

Your paper should be thoroughly researched. Your paper should always be backed by evidence with references to academic and/or industry literature.


It is essential that the standard of written expression in your industry paper is very high. Reports that contain grammatical or typographical errors will rate very poorly.



This assignment has been designed to assess your ability to:

?   Research, synthesise and analyse a range of academic and other information sources in scholastic style

?    Examine a contemporary communication issue

?    Demonstrate integration and comparative skills of sourced information

?    Critically analyse and communicate contemporary theory and practice

?    Demonstrate expanded and creative thinking around future communication practices


Marking criteria

Written presentation and style-5

?   Professionalism of presentation including layout -2

?   Quality of writing including clarity, succinctness, style and communication of argument-3? 


?   Breadth, depth and selection of academic and other reading-5

?   Citation accuracy and style-2

?   Critical evaluation of sources-3? 

Content, structure and development-25

?   Definition of key terms and clear statement of intent-5

?   Development of a structure for the paper-5

?   Review and analysis of literature and important concepts-5

?   Review and analysis of practice-5

?   Logical progression and development of argument/recommendation-5.



The assignment needs to be written as an academic essay. It should be written in prose with bullets used to highlight salient points. Use subheadings to structure your paper and aid communication.

Paper: A4 (single side printing)?Font: 12 point?Spacing: 1.5??   ?Refer to the following websites for examples of how to present your paper:

PRism Online Journal:

Public Relations Review:  ( )

Australian Journal of Communication ( )


Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal ( ).




The paper is due:   December 1st, 2017

 What are the two different points of view of the Confederate monument controversy?

Do they belong at our City Halls? If not, where do they belong? When was the statue created? Does that make a difference? What is the historical context in which they were created?

Do these statues deserve a place of honor? What is the legacy of the Confederate memorials? Who was the sculptor? What category of Art History is the painting or sculpture being long to?

Look in your textbook and identify historically analyze and classify the artwork.  Prove that it belongs to a specific era in Art History (Post-Impressionism, Realism, Romantics).


*Write No more than one page in length.  (Introduction, body, and conclusion)

*Cover page (with photo),

*One Footnote page.

Three footnotes from three different sources.

(Example: artist webpage, art magazines, art blogs, and textbook)

*Highlight or underline Art Terms

 Your paper should include: Bio of the Artist, Visual Analysis, Historical Classification

Some of this paper concentrates on Visual Analysis and discussing what you see when you look at the work of art. What category of art history does the artwork belong to? (Pop Art, Cubism, Surrealism, contemporary, modern).  Concentrate on the basic elements of Art: line, color, form, size, texture, and hue.  Try asking yourself some of the following questions: What colors are used in the artwork? Do the colors influence the effect the piece has on the viewer? How big is the work? Describe the composition symmetrical, asymmetrical, what are the forms like? Angular, biomorphic, geometric, what is the medium of the work? How does that influence the total effect of the piece? Where is the work located in the gallery? How is it hung or displayed? How do you feel when you look at the piece? What do you think the intentions of the artist were? Do you think the artist got his message across to his audience? These are just a few questions you might ask yourself to help get started.



collins brown

as discussed


Coretta Scott King essay

(550 words) 

African American women are usually not recognized as leaders. Of course, we must define what a leader is.

 We want to bring these women back into history.

 Choose one African American female leader. It is first come, first serve for this essay.This forum is for between the end of World War II and the present. 

You are to use the library or the course bibliography. (American public University)

However, for this forum, you may also search online, but if you do, you must use credible sources only (Wikipedia,, blogs etc are not credible sources, for example). 

 The following links can help you determine which sources are credible or non-credible during your research: Credible vs non-credible sources, Getting Started With Research, Why I Shouldn’t Use Wikipedia and Identifying your Resources.

Remember that this is a formal essay and you need an introduction with a thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Because students must respond, please submit your essay as soon as possible.


philosophy homework Read and answer 2 pages for answer


Read the selection in the files section “From the Journals of Soren Kierkegaard.”  Among other themes, existentialists stress action, commitment, and subjectivity.  How does the quote from Kierkegaard’s Journal fit in with these themes?  What do you think is Kierkegaard’s main point in the quote?  What do you think? 


1.Given the economic gap between the Soviet Union and the Western world, to what extent did the goals of collectivization and the Five-year Plans justify the tremendous cost borne by the Soviet people? 2.Below is a list of WW II battles/conflicts. Spec

1.Given the economic gap between the Soviet Union and the Western world, to what extent did the goals of collectivization and the Five-year Plans justify the tremendous cost borne by the Soviet people?



2. Below is a list of WW II battles/conflicts.  Specify for each whether the Axis powers of the Allied powers gained an advantage over their enemies.  Provide a brief (two to three sentences) explanation for each to support your choice. Battle of BritainWar in the BalkansPearl HarborBattle of the Coral SeaBattle of the MidwayBattle of Stalingrad


3.Create timelines of the first Russian revolution in 1917 and the revolutionary events of 1985 to 1991.  Then write a paragraph about the impact of the second revolution on Russia today.

Research Russian politics today.  Pay attention to the following in your timeline and paragraph:Is there still a Communist party?  Is it trying to undo democratic reforms?Include events on your timelines.Illustrate your timelines with photographs, drawings or political cartoons.Evaluate how successful you think that second Russian revolution was.  Do you think that change will be long-lasting?


The Story of Joseph Essay

I need 3 different topics of The Story of Joseph. Each Paper has 3 pages, so the total is 9 pages. Everything is attached in the document below. Focus on the yellow highlight in the document.    


The Story of Joseph: Motives and Objectives [Essay Prompt]

  Although some interesting efforts have been made to establish the literal historicity of the Joseph story – that Joseph was an historical personality and that the events regarding the famine correspond to historical dates that can be pinpointed – let us assume, for our purposes here, it survives as an ancient story (of the myth or parable type, though a bit longer than most) that existed in the oral tradition of the ancient Hebrews and was constructed and presented with certain motives and objectives for centuries at least before it was written down and included in the collection of stories known as the Torah or, more broadly, as the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament.

    Our concern is with the story itself, as well as the storyteller.  What, to your mind as a modern reader, were the most significant motives and objectives of the storyteller?  What about the story, and what about the character of Joseph reinforce those motives and objectives?

[Obviously this is not a specific prompt, nor are these specific questions to be “answered,” so feel free to respond in a way that reflects your knowledge of the story and your response to it.  Resist the temptation to restate the prompt, insert lengthy quotations, or summarize the story.  Instead, just refer to the details of the plot, inserting brief quotations if you like, to support your observations regarding the motives and objectives of the tale.  This is your chance to reflect your “take” on the story]