response paper to African Voices Chapter one

i want you to read the chapter and write response about half page to one page  what you think and your opinion about the chapter then writ


here is the link for the Chaper


disc 1 week 4

For Your Main Post:  

Read  “Revealing the Ugly Cartoonish Truth: The Simpsons” by Simon Benlow p. 263 . and view one of the videos below. In   no less than 300 words, answer ALL of the following questions.


1.  Is the video clip merely entertaining or does it reveal something more about society?

2.  Who is the target audience: adults or children?

3.  After viewing the video what is the theme (what is the point)?


***Be sure to back up your judgment with a specific example from the film, or a direct quote from the essay***




DB 2 300


Assume for a moment that you are writing a cover letter for a resume.  How will you present your History degree so that it will catch your prospective employer’s eye?  How will you “sell” both yourself and your degree?  You have long heard that History degrees or Liberal Arts degrees qualify people only to work at fast food joints.  Nonsense!  History graduates may start out in entry-level jobs with salaries below that of nurses and engineers, but the average History student sees his or her salary double within ten years.  Nurses and engineers will not see that unless they have advanced degrees.  Furthermore, the typical history graduate usually makes salaries that exceed $75,000 by mid-career, especially if they move into managerial positions.  And make no mistake, Historians make great administrators and company managers because they are trained to see the “big picture” and have a solid understanding of human nature.  Such cannot be said for business majors or psychology majors who lean heavily to one side or the other of that equation.

You job in this discussion board is to write a 300 word, preliminary cover letter for a job of your choosing.  Convince your prospective employer that someone with a history degree will meet their  needs.  Then, write a 150 word response to a fellow student, making recommendations on how they can improve the “pitch.”  

This is an incredibly important exercise that will produce something you will use after you graduate.  You may also see a similar assignment one day when you take the Senior Capstone course, HIST 491.

Please rely heavily upon course videos and the Benjamin text.  You should also consult these websites for further suggestions:

“The Myth of the Unemployed Humanities Major”   liberal-education-nation-blog/   myth-unemployed-humanities-   major

“Top Degrees for Getting Hired in 2016”   susanadams/2015/11/25/top-   degrees-for-getting-hired-in-   2016/#2715e4857a0b25f086bf6d48

“That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket”   georgeanders/2015/07/29/   liberal-arts-degree-tech/#   2715e4857a0b5061b6e5a754


HIS 104 Week 2 Discussion Question

“Early Globalization (20 points) ” Please respond to the following:  PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE FROM THIS WEEK’S WEBTEXTBOOK in your response. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES Go to Section 4: Weeks 1 and 2 Textbook Reading from this week’s Webtextbook and read the chapter titled “Early Globalization: The Atlantic World, 1492-1650”, then compare and contrast the voyages SPONSORED BUT NOT UNDERTAKEN by Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal and Christopher Columbus. Next, using the Web textbook, suggest three (3) reasons explorers in general voyaged to America.  POST: MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS).  Be sure to address the Columbian Exchange (see the map below) Make a substantive comment including evidence from this weeks materials to at least one of your classmate’s posts (MINIMUM OF 100 WORDS)


Annotated Bibliography Paper

Please Read the details carefully then send me handshakes if you are willing. Thanks



Due limit: 8 hours

Page limit: 3 pages


Instructions to Follow For This Assignment:

To complete this assignment successfully, review the instructions for the Final Paper in Week Five. The intent of this assignment is to assist you in organizing and evaluating potential scholarly sources for the Final Paper.


a. Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format.

b. Summary/abstract of the article – annotation (sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions in synthesizing the information:

·           Who? (author)

·           What was done? (for example, an experimental study i nvestigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)

·           How? (was it done)

·           What were the findings? (identify the major ones)

·           Contributions? (New findings, applications, etc.)


·           How will this article support or dispute my thesis? 


To conduct accurate research, you need to do research in peer-reviewed journals or other sources that are considered to have reliable information. In addition to your required course text, you need at least six professional scholarly sources, three of which must be peer reviewed journal articles found in the Ashford University Library. The paper must be formatted according to APA style and include a title page.


Instructions for the Final Paper in Week Five :


Since the September 11 attacks, the future complexion of terrorism has become quite ambiguous. Subsequently, counter terrorism strategies have evolved to address terrorist attacks of any form against the United States. For your Final Paper, you must address the following points:

  a.       Decide whether international or domestic terrorism currently constitutes the greatest threat to the United States. ( Use historic, cultural, and diversity aspects to support your conclusion). b.       Summarize some of the strategies the United States can utilize to prevent future terrorist attacks. c.        Assess whether socio-economic strategies can be utilized to eliminate the motivation of terrorist groups or if military action is the only viable response to terrorists. (Use historic, cultural, and diversity aspects of the terrorist populations to support your conclusion). d.       Evaluate if future legislation or constitutional amendments could be utilized to hinder possible terrorist attacks. e.       Analyze if additional powers are needed by the federal government to protect the country from terrorist attacks. f.         Evaluate if the increasing of governmental powers is worth the potential erosion of civil liberties. g.       Infer what the future of terrorism is and whether the frequency of attacks will increase or decrease over time. Support your conclusion


English annotated bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

1 A “checklist” of five items that a website must meet in order for the website to be credible.  For each checklist item. An explanation of approx. 100 words that explains why that item is important.  Approx. 500 words in total. 

2 List your research question at the top of the page.  Find five sources that speak to that research question.  Write out every source in MLA formatting.  Below each source, you need to: Prove why it’s credible in relationship to what items of the “checklist” it meets. Approx. 100 words. Summarize the argument. Approx. 100 words Give your opinion about it. Approx. 100 words  Include 2-3 quotes from the article.  Approx. 1,500 words in total. 


Research question: What should the federal minimum wage be and why? 

Last Name, First. “Federal Policy and the Minimum Wage.” Famous Newspaper, Famous Publisher, 3 April 2019,  Credibility: approx. 100 words.  Summary: approx. 100 words.  Opinion: approx. 100 words.  Quotes: 2-3 quotes. 

Format: Approx. 2,000 words in total.  12 pt TNR Double-spaced


English 101 Need by 07/25/2018 by 3pm

    Read: James Baldwin’s short story “Sonny’s Blues”    “Tips for Reading Critically” pp. 3-5  “Prewriting” on pp. 38-41 “Strategy Checklist: Prewriting” p. 39  Point of View (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (OWL Purdue) Point of View (WCCS Writing Center)

Example Essay

Mrs. Miller’s Essay Writing Document

Write an essay that you support with the use of examples. For this  example essay, we will use the story “Sonny’s Blues” and analyze how  point-of-view contributes to the story’s overall meaning. Come up with a  thesis statement, and back up your argument with specific observations  about the text. Use at least three examples from the story to illustrate your thesis.

 Be sure to write an attention-grabbing introduction with the thesis placed at the end of  it. Also, be sure to create a conclusion that extends your topic in  some way. See the essay writing document below for details.

Use the following resources for assistance: 

Essay Writing Document

Assignment 1: Assignment Submission Instructions

 Proofread your work before submitting a final draft. Use the WCCS  rubric listed under the rubric area. Also, you may use the proofreading  checklist given at the end of the essay writing document found under  Resources. 

Submit your assignment to Canvas.

Do not submit a .pages file!  I can only open .doc or .pdf files.

  File Upload Google Doc

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 WCCS Rubric (1)      WCCS Rubric (1)     Criteria Ratings        Pts              This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Idea and Content Development Evidence is  substantial, specific and/or illustrative with sophisticated ideas that  are particularly well developed and supported.           20.0                    pts                  Full Marks          0.0                    pts                  No Marks          20.0 pts
         This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Focus/Purpose/ Thesis Insightfully  develops a point of view/perspective/position on the issue and  demonstrates a strong awareness of audience or purpose; presents a  clear, original thesis.           20.0                    pts                  Full Marks          0.0                    pts                  No Marks          20.0 pts
         This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Organization Organization is purposeful, logical and coherent, making insightful connections among ideas.           20.0                    pts                  Full Marks          0.0                    pts                  No Marks          20.0 pts
         This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Language and Style Exhibits skillful use of language, insightful vocabulary, and variety in sentence structure.           20.0                    pts                  Full Marks          0.0                    pts                  No Marks          20.0 pts
         This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Conventions (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage) Conventions  (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage) Demonstrates  mastery of mechanics; enhances reader’s understanding of the writer’s  purpose; few, if any, errors, present. Shows control of mechanics but displays occasional errors that do not  interfere with readability. Repeated errors in mechanics sometimes  interfere with the writer’s purpose. Errors in mechanics are so  prevalent that the piece is difficult to understand. Errors in mechanics  make reading impossible.           20.0                    pts                  Full Marks          0.0                    pts                  No Marks          20.0 pts
       Total Points:                            100.0                          



Describe the relationship between financial planning and strategic planning. What steps are involved in each process? Who should be involved vs. who is responsible? Should financial planning come before strategic planning or vice versa? Why? 240 words


sociology of gender assignment: toy stories

sociology of gender assignment: toy stories


History of managed care

Health insurance began in the early part of the twentieth century as a means to protect an organization’s assets, either its financial assets or its manpower. Since the early days, health insurance evolved into a system of managed care in order to control issues such as overutilization, skyrocketing costs, limited restrictions, and low-quality care.


Using the Internet, search for articles on health insurance and managed care. Based on your research, summarize your findings and answer the following questions in 4 pages


Examine the main events in the history of health insurance from the mid-twentieth century to the present. Explain how these events led up to the evolution of managed care organizations.

Evaluate the purpose of health care insurance in the early days.

Evaluate the evolution of health insurance and managed care. What is the relationship between the two and how has managed care risen to prominence in today’s health care market?

Explain how the perspective of health insurance has or hasn’t changed in today’s managed care environment.

Analyze the public policy and market forces leading to the growth of managed care.

Analyze the current trends in managed care and its future in the context of health care reforms.