Plant Research Term Project, Part 2: Faulty Argumentation


Plant Term Project, Part 2: Faulty Arguments in the Field of Herbalism, “Natural” Cures and Plant Medicine (40 points) No specific word count and TurnItIn score is disabled

Note that there is no word limit for this section because you will be quoting from articles.

There are two aspects to this assignment: 1) identifying faulty arguments in the literature, and 2) Creating faulty arguments to sell your product”

First: You will be re-using your references from your research in Part 1.  You will be searching for examples of the faulty arguments and poor reasoning types you studied in the Faulty Arguments  PowerPoint.

Introduction: Make sure you write an introductory paragraph to explain what you are doing with citing faulty arguments including an explanation of what constitutes a faulty argument.

Find four different examples of faulty arguments from four different references you used in Part 1. Cite the original source in quotations and state exactly WHY you think the reasoning is poor. All the citations should be about the same plant you studied in Part 1. Label them 1-4 like the example below:

Example: Research by Exegesis: I found passages in the  Bible verses urging people to use the holy herb ‘senna’. “Cassia (senna) Exodus 30:23-24 “The bark ofthis tree from the laurel family is ground to produce a fine spice. The LORD gave Moses a recipefor creating an aromatic oil to be used in anointing the tabernacle and priests.”

 See further examples in this Module.


Part 2: Now write a short advertisement for your herb using at least two faulty arguments. Label them in parentheses in red text.

Example: Please try my peppermint tea. It will work wonders for your stomach ache. Everyone I know has tried it (bandwagon) and they are all satisfied. Besides, it is really true that phamacies are too expensive (non sequiter). Even my chemistry professor says it works! (appeal to authority)

Important Note: There has been a growing tendency among students to share work with friends who take the same class after them. Please do not give your work to others! I do keep student papers and it is likely I will recognize the work which can result in a F in the class for you and your friend. Besides the grade issue, you are also depriving your friends of the learning experience. Thank you for your honesty!

Format for Plant Project, Part 2: This section will include the following and each of these should have headings bolded and underlined Title Page including your name, date, chosen herb, and word count Short introduction about faulty argumentation 4 identified arguments, labeled, explained and referenced Created advertisement


ESL student homework

 Explain over-representation and under-representation of bilingual children in Special Education classes.  What do these terms mean, where are we heading with bilingual children in Special Education? Give your thoughts on this issue; support your thoughts with examples or references to the text.  (Start on page 438 for this part)


I need a short paragrah or two over those quesitons by tonight


Order 1200335: Business Planning Part V

  Type of paperOther SubjectEnglish Number of pages3 Format of citationAPA Number of cited resources4 Type of serviceWriting

Revise supplements of the transformational plan from Week 4 Document (attached): -Briefly summarize the organization, the level of analysis, and the position you hold. -Briefly describe one driver of organizational transformation that can be undertaken at your position within the organization. Continue to develop your transformational plan: –Define continuous improvement and sustainability in the context of your transformation plan. –Use the VRIO framework (attached) to identify and support the organizational attributes which contribute to competitive advantage and support your transformation plan. –Use the concepts of decision, uncertainty, calculation, and value (attached-Relevance Diagram) to identify and support the primary factors affecting your transformation plan. –Identify and support which of the eight activities for successful mobilization (Holbeche, 2015) must be included in your plan. NOTE: Include in text citations


Leadership Essay 2

Essay #2: Write a 3-4 page reflection essay, using terminology from each chapter (8-13) in which you discuss personally experienced and observed everyday examples of your findings and the themes revealed in each of the chapters (8-13). Be sure to write about your specific findings about yourself from each assigned Questionnaire, Observational Exercise, and Reflection and Action Worksheet.

THE DRAG & DROP FILE TO UPLOAD ARE ALL MY Questionnaire, observational exercise, reflection and action worksheets. ALSO, the book is there read chapter 8-13


Political science assignment



I woold like to get your help with my assignmet. The assignment instruction is that you have to read the PowerPoint file atteched here then write 200 -250 words regarding to these questions:


Do you believe, as Socrates did, that we are obligated to obey laws even if those laws are perceived as unjust? Or do we have the right to rebel against unjust laws as the 13 Colonies did in America? If you were faced with that situation, which choice would you make, Socrates or the 13 Colonies? Explain your position. 


Deadline is 2 hours and 30 mintues from the time of this post.

Price is 30 


Rhetorical Analysis essay 3-4 pages about (Letter From Birmingham Jail )

Please read the Letter from this link then Write Rhetorical Analysis essay 3-4 pages about it.


1- during your writing you have to answer all the Question in page 115 ( Check attachments)

2- introduction : Introduce author title by Full name > then Summarize the main point of the peace

3- Thesis : I believe —— tell whether or not you feel MLK makes a successful and  how audience analysis identity

4- Body: Ethos – Credibility – Tone brothers – Pathos ( what emotional appeals are made ?why are they successful? – Logos: factual

5- Conclusion : Restate thesis main point .


Quote / paraphrase an author you must provide an internal citations (and you should introduce every single Quote


4-5 Discussion: Annotations and Writing Plan Workshop

Now that you’ve finished watching a video on the workshopping process, let’s put what you learned to practice! On this page and the next, you’ll use a guide to help workshop one of your peer’s submissions of Assignment 1: Annotations and Writing Plan, focusing specifically on source summary, credibility, and your peer’s main argument. As stated in the video, it’s important to be honest and thorough during the workshopping process. Your job is to help your peer determine how clear his or her intended argument is and how well the sources he or she has found support that argument.

To begin, access your Annotations and Writing Plan from the Notebook under “Course Tools.” Copy and paste them to the discussion forum below. While in the discussion forum, select a post made by another student to workshop. Once you have selected the Annotations and Writing Plan you will workshop, leave a note in reply to your peer’s discussion thread indicating your choice. Now you’re ready to walk through the workshopping process! On the next page, complete the Activity that will walk you through the process of workshopping the Annotations and Writing Plan you chose.


The argument that I will be addressing is veteran suicide is not taken seriously. The argument is derived from my major because suicide deals with mental health. The major that I am pursuing is psychology and my intended field of work is to be a psychiatrist. Veterans don’t get the mental health they need which, causes them to fall into a spiral of alcohol and drug abuse. Often in combination with the addiction to drugs and alcohol, suicide becomes a choice for veterans because the help they get is sub-par if they are lucky enough to get the help.
My key points will be simple ones yet, explain the struggles that veterans go through. The first point is that veteran suicide is caused by many factors while in service, they can range from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD to Depression and even Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBIs. This supports my main argument because, many people are led to believe that veterans who commit suicide all struggled with PTSD, that is simply not true. My second key point is while we are in the service we don’t necessarily get the best help when it comes to mental health. A clear majority of us are afraid to seek the help because it isn’t good, or we fear that it will end our career. Because of this we often just suffer in silence and it worsens our mental and emotional health. My third key point is that when we leave the military, we bring our injuries and trauma, emotional, mental, and physical. We take the time to seek the help we need from the Veterans’ Affairs yet, they are quick to turn us away leaving us to seek help elsewhere. This supports my main point because when we can’t get the help we need, and our struggles become overwhelming some, decide to end it all.
My audience are the people who don’t think veteran suicide is a huge problem or that we have received proper mental health. The potentials that I may face supporting my argument are many. The most common one that I will have is answering the question “well you know the risks involved with the military, and you joined so why should we help you?”. Being able to tell my audiences the many causes of veteran suicide will be challenging because, there are many, many reasons for their suicide. A clear majority of veterans who commit suicide have been struggling for a while, so my audience will ask why didn’t they didn’t seek help sooner? Explaining to my audience the struggles that we go through and more will be challenging, I know this because my family members and friends who have never been in the military have a hard time understanding me.
My goal for this is to raise awareness for veteran suicide and the underlying causes of it. My essay will need enough evidence from multiple sources. I will search through libraries and websites for books, articles, and videos that I can gather evidence. I will also speak to fellow veterans who have struggled with suicidal thoughts and ask them how long it took for them to get the help they needed, if any. Over all for my essay to be successful, all I need is evidence.
The sources that I found were articles within medical journals. They were written by college professors that had the credentials to write on the topic of veteran suicide. In those articles I found statistics from places such as the VA, that showed the rate of veteran suicide. They will help reinforce my argument because it will prove to those who say veteran suicide isn’t a big deal, that suicide is a bigger problem than they thought. I also found evidence in an article that posed a counter argument, in the article it stated that veterans were receiving adequate mental health care from the VA. Yet, the rate of veteran suicide would say otherwise, giving evidence to my key points.
My key points align with my supporting resources because, the statistics found give evidence that veteran suicide is high and still climbing. It also gives evidence of the many causes of suicide among them. My key point of veterans not receiving the mental health care they deserve, the statistics of veteran suicide highlight that my key point is correct. The VA claims to give adequate health care, yet, in my sources it says otherwise and gives enough evidence. The neglect that we as veterans face from the VA is rampant and the numbers prove that.
Over the week I have thought of several good places to place strategic evidence. But, I honestly think that the best places are the same ones I listed in assignment one. I think that a bit of evidence in the introduction would be a great place to start. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide a day and not a single person will know or care, that could serve as the starting sentence. Within the main body where I will speak on my key points, will also be a great I can even give some of the statistics I found in my sources. This is a great place because I will be able to give more evidence there as opposed to my introduction and conclusion. The final place I have thought of is the conclusion. In the conclusion I could give final statistics of veteran suicide and ways that we can help prevent it, as well as highlighting how poorly the VA handles veterans with suicidal tendencies.
The revision strategy that would be effective for me is peer review. I say that because, I don’t consider myself a strong writer. I am prone to making simple grammatical errors. I also tend to overthink on what I write and often fix what didn’t need to be fixed, while overlooking the errors. I prefer others look over my work and tell me what I can do to improve my writing skill.
My writing can improve with feedback from others because, as I stated earlier I don’t consider myself a strong writer. I often overthink and overlook my grammatical mistakes. Those that look over my work may find those and let me know. I can integrate that feedback by adjusting my sentences and grammar. I believe that an outside party looking over my work is the best way for me to improve my paper. All feedback could be integrated by making minor adjustments.


Case 13-51 Make or Buy Ethical Considerations Pamela McDonald, chief management accountant and

Exercise 13-51

Case 13-51 Make or Buy Ethical Considerations Pamela McDonald, chief management accountant and…


Case 13-51  Make or Buy: Ethical Considerations



1.       Should Pamela have told Roger about the impending decision concerning the power depart- ment? What do you think most corporate codes of ethics would say about this?

2.       Should Pamela provide Larry with the correct data concerning the power department? Or should she protect its workers? What would you do if you were Pamela?


Pamela McDonald, chief management accountant and controller for Murray Manufacturing Inc., was having lunch with Roger Branch, manager of the company’s power department. Over the past six months, Pamela and Roger had developed a romantic relationship and were making plans for marriage. To keep company gossip at a minimum, Pamela and Roger had kept the relationship very quiet, and no one in the company was aware of it. The topic of the luncheon conversation centered on a decision concerning the company’s power department that Larry Johnson, president of the company, was about to make.

Pamela: Roger, in our last executive meeting, we were told that a local utility company offered to supply power and quoted a price per kilowatt-hour that they said would hold for the next three years. They even offered to enter into a contractual agreement with us.

Roger: This is news to me. Is the bid price a threat to my area? Can they sell us power cheaper than we make it? And why wasn’t I informed about this matter? I should have some input. This burns me. I think I should give Larry a call this afternoon and lodge a strong complaint.

Pamela: Calm down, Roger. The last thing I want you to do is call Larry. Larry made us all promise to keep this whole deal quiet until a decision had been made. He did not want you involved because he wanted to make an unbiased decision. You know that the company is struggling somewhat, and they are looking for

ways to save money.

Roger: Yeah, but at my expense? And at the expense of my department’s workers? At my age, I doubt that I could find a job that pays as well and has the same benefits. How much of a threat is this offer?

Pamela: Jack Lacy, my assistant controller, prepared an analysis while I was on vacation. It showed that internal production is cheaper than buying, but not by much. Larry asked me to review the findings and submit a final recommendation for next Wednesday’s meeting. I’ve reviewed Jack’s analysis, and it’s faulty. He overlooked the interactions of your department with other service departments. When these are considered, the analysis is overwhelmingly in favor of purchasing the power. The savings are about $300,000 per year.

Roger: If Larry hears that, my department’s gone. Pam, you can’t let this happen. I’m three years away from having a vested retirement. And my workers— they have home mortgages, kids in college, families to support. No, it’s not right. Pam, just tell him that your assistant’s analysis is on target. He’ll never know the difference.

Pamela: Roger, what you’re suggesting doesn’t sound right either. Would it be ethical for me to fail to disclose this information?

Roger: Ethical? Do you think it’s right to lay off employees that have been loyal, faithful workers simply to fatten the pockets of the owners of this company? The Murrays already are so rich that they don’t know what to do with their money. I think that it’s even more unethical to penalize me and my workers. Why should we have to bear the consequences of some bad marketing decisions? Anyway, the effects of those decisions are about gone, and the company should be back to normal within a year or so.

Pamela: You may be right. Perhaps the well-being of you and your workers is more important than saving $300,000 for the Murrays.




1. Should Pamela have told Roger about the impending decision concerning the power department? What do you think most corporate codes of ethics would say about this?


2. Should Pamela provide Larry with the correct data concerning the power department? Or should she protect its workers? What would you do if you were Pamela?


English Course-composition and critical thinking

Complete course of 6 weeks.Syllabus attached


Literature Questions Based On Readings

Read all the passages provided in the file and answer 10 questions based on the readings. Reading required.