narrative english homework.



Narrative, as we learned from Del Gandio, is a helpful frame that allows people to share ideas by creating rhetorical situations where a speaker relates to an audience through the power of storytelling. How can you relate back the experience of the virtual journey you have taken? You can tell a vivid, detailed story written with great authority. This assignment asks you to:

The first sentence must be “It’s so embarassing to get lost in Rome.”  WRITE a 51 sentence narrative story starting from The Rome. I will provide you your first sentence, and the story will unfold from there, following the rules, in order: Write a sentence that repeats one word, but no more than one, from your first sentence.Write a sentence that repeats one word, but no more than one, from your second sentence.Write a sentence that repeats one word, but no more than one, from your third sentence.Write a sentence that includes: a place name. a list.a color and a name.more than thirty words. less than ten words. a colon. a part of the body. the conditional tense. a first person pronoun. a declarative clause. quotation marks. two declarative clauses. three articles of clothing. a simile. any form of the word “try.”a geographical formation. italics. a dictionary definition. a metaphor. a parallel structure. exactly twenty-nine words. exactly seventeen words.exactly five words. a comma and a semicolon. the same words four times. a second person pronoun. a question mark. reference to a past event. a familial relationship. parenthesis. alliteration. a paradox.exactly ten words.exactly twenty words. exactly thirty words.exactly forty words. exactly fifty words.a comma em dash or an en dash. something seen.something tasted.something heard. something touched. something smelled. a sentence with three clauses. the future tense. the present tense.FOOTNOTE each sentence with a small sentence explaining how you used the rule. This means explaining why you chose to execute the rule in the way you chose, not just describing the rule back to me. There will be 51 sentences and 50 footnotes. 


the power of thinking differently (reading reflections)



read the book below and answer the questions. 


Journal Entry 15


Read Chapter Four: On Course Textbook (journals are in the textbook)

Complete Journal # 15: Develop Self-Confidence  

Carefully read Journal instructions.

Number each journal step and include the directions for each step (just the bold print). 

The word count for each Journal should be a minimum of 600 words, single spaced using normal sized font. Each journal submitted with less than 600 words will earn only 1 point per each 100 words submitted.


Communication major.

Please talk with one of our foreign students (instructor will invite some international students to our class) for any types of topic and observe his/her nonverbal behaviors (especially his/her physical appearance, gesture, movement, facial behavior and eye behavior). After talking, you need to submit a 700-word report. In your report, you should answer the following questions:

1. What is the topic you and your partner are talking about?

2. What kinds of the nonverbal behaviors does your partner have?

3. Why do you think your partner have such nonverbal reactions? 

4. What is his/her attitude toward you and conversation? How can you tell from their nonverbal reactions?

5. Are there certain body reactions caused by their unique culture?

6. Are there certain body behaviors from your partner make you feel uncomfortable?


Growth mindset

  What is a “growth mindset”? How can you incorporate it into your learning process? 

We have been exploring this in your reading and projects for this module. 

A person who has developed a Growth Mindset believes that their abilities, skills and talents can developed through hard  work and dedication. So experience is a great teacher. Experiences both  successes and failures are key to learning. Failure is not an  indication that you should not do something, but rather that you should  continue to do, find help and learn from your mistakes.  So think back to times when you  have struggled to learn something. Did you have a fixed mindset at the  time or did you have a growth mindset? Tell us about that experience.  How can you apply having a growth mindset to your current experience. 

You must post at least 151 words


Article Needed. (Till Debt do up part) from the book (Money Changes Everything)?


Writing Project #2: Money & Relationships


The second writing project for English 95x will be an essay surrounding the topic of money at the personal and interpersonal level (ie. financial issues with friends, family members, etc), rather than take on a larger societal issue. We have read a variety of texts to start giving you some ideas of conversations taking place around these topics. For this essay, you will use the guidelines below and pick one of the two prompts to write your essay on.


·         Your essay should NOT be one long summary of the article. Your voice/stance in relation to the essay prompt should be the focus. No more than about 20% of your essay should be from the article.

·         In your body paragraphs, make sure to support your central thesis with evidence from the course text, as well as with personal experience (if applicable).

·         This is not a research essay; please only use the articles from our course text of Money Changes Everything. Make sure there is source material (ie. quotes and paraphrases of information/opinions) from the article to use in your essay, and don’t forget to cite each one to avoid plagiarism.


WRITING PROMPT 2:   In “Till Debt Do Us Part,” Mary Loftus claims that “the way a couple deals with money disagreements and disappointments can predict the long-term success, or failure, of the relationship” (99).  Do the methods a couple uses to settle their financial disputes ultimately determine the relationship’s success?  If so, how?  If not, why not?  (Consider ways of responding; you may find that you agree, disagree, or simultaneously agree/disagree with Loftus.  The most important aspect is articulating your thesis/argument and supporting your position with the how and why of your position, using specific examples from the text.)


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  These are the basic requirements that need to be met in order to earn a passing grade on the essay.

·         3-4 double-spaced pages in length—not including your citation page

·         A clearly stated thesis, which responds explicitly to the prompt

·         Standard essay elements, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion

·         Quotations and/or paraphrases from the texts to support your ideas (more than one)


·         MLA format, including visual format, in-text citation, and a “Works Cited” page


Research Paper. 5 paragraphs

5 paragraphs on Global terrorism. 2 in-text citations needed.  Citation page required MLA format. Double-Spaced. 12. pt font. Each paragraph must be 8 sentences long. 


For prof. vincent only!!!

. Paper should include a strong introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly establishes the type of connotative change the term/phrase has gone through over the course of many years.


2 page minimum not counting work cited


Proper MLA formatting


Follow instructions in paper


Unit III Journal Submission (MATHGUY18 ONLY)

Please base the Journal assignment off of the topic “Parental Responsibility ” for my research paper:


You are articulating your project for the first time in this unit. What do you think about the process of creating a project so far? Have you found it difficult or appropriately challenging? What are some of the things that you have learned so far—about the process and about yourself as a researcher?

If you could go back in time to a few weeks ago, what are some of the things you know today that you would tell yourself? In other words, what are some of the key lessons you have learned? Similarly, what have you learned in researching that has made your process easier?

Alternatively, you have been deeply situated in your research for the past few units. What have you learned about your topic that you did not know before? What do you find fascinating? What advice would you share with future students taking this course?

Annotated Bibliography is attached to assist with Journal submission


Chicano and The Arts (CHS 111)

Artists such as Lalo Guerrero, Los Lobos and Carlos Santana, to name a few, all began their music careers playing  Mexican rhythms/music  and eventually incorporated into some of their more mainstream music such as rock and roll. In the case of singer Linda Ronstadt, she started off as a pop/rock singer and experimented with many musical genres such as country, big band and popular opera. However, she eventually transitioned into her Mexican musical roots and recorded various Mexican song genres, that people commonly label  “mariachi music.” Although, they are all part of the American mainstream, why do you believe that often Chicano musicians, often go back to their traditonal Mexican musical heritage as a source of inspiration?

Please be specific in your support going back to the videos related to music on moodle, readings and lecture notes.