“This Assignment is Based on Reality TV and should be told in the 3rd party.”


Assignment 3


Stance Essay

Due Week 10 and worth 230 points

Congratulations! You made it to your final assignment, and you have learned so much along the way.

· In the personal essay, you learned how to write with a strong personal voice.

· In the informative essay, you learned how to write objectively and support your points with credible sources to inform the audience.

Now in your final assignment, you will combine these writing techniques to write a stance essay. A stance essay takes a position on a topic and argues and supports that position with evidence. Consider your topic:

· What possible positions/arguments are there?

· Identify the three reasons why this category and topic are meaningful to you.

· Each main body paragraph should match the reasons stated in your thesis. Suggested paragraph length is 5-7 sentences each.

· Include a clear conclusion that restates your thesis.

For the stance essay, your personal voice (your perspective) should come through. This is just like assignment 1, except you should maintain a formal tone. And just like assignment 2, you will need to support your points with credible sources. You’re ready to take a position on the topic you have been writing about and to be persuasive!


Organizational Culture and Employee Behavior

The research about Organizational Culture and Employee Behavior. it’s connected to this one 

Open the Individual research file for instructions I HIGHLIGHTED what you need to do for paper 2 and 3, I UPLOADED EXAMPLES take a look at them to know how the paper should be. MSA 600 Research Paper Three Rubric FOR GRADING this is only for paper 3 you also have the book in case you need it. I uploaded every files for each paper separately. There is a photo I need you to answer each question just a couple of sentences it’s about the same one. In the end, you will give me 3 files one for paper 2, second for paper 3 and the third for the photo only a couple of sentences for it.

Paper 3 

 You should carefully review these examples of the front matter and “second chapter” – do not be confused by the use of the word “chapter” – these examples are experts from larger bodies of work. 


Essay on Identity – Chicano studies


Creative Papers-Essay on Identity (nonfiction): Write to the best of your ability, based on your experience or understanding of the topic, and from what you learned in the class readings/discussions. The main point is to be honest, and to write from your heart.


Identity Essay: Read Professor Maldonado’s lectures on the The Roots of Identity and Denial, and Privilege and Power, and read the essays in your Course Reader by Ana Castillo “Introduction” to Massacre of the Dreamers, and Roberto Rodriguez’ “Who Declared War on the Word Chicano?” and “The X in La Raza”. Write a 3- 4 page essay which analyzes the concept of identity, social, cultural political religious, whatever many ways a person may identify themselves as, and see if any of these things or combination of things might make up what we consider a Mexican Identity, or a Chicano Identity.

What external and internal factors affect how we identify ourselves racially/ethnically? How important is it to have or claim such an identity?

What are its strengths, weaknesses?

Where does it come from, this Identity?


The due is tomrrow at 12 pm los angeles area



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Analyzing Ethical Issues

 Analyze the ethical issues involved in social media use and how to address them. The analysis should include the following:Security concerns, such as identity theftCredibility, maintaining trust and honestly in marketing and advertising, product reviews, and commentsPrivacy and sharing private information without consentMaintaining reputationOutline the formal documents needed to launch the new e-commerce unit: the executive summary, business description, operations plan, financial plan, marketing plan, and competitor analysis. Outlines should consist of the following:Thorough lists of the document contentsBrief descriptions of each part of the document PAPER SHOULD BE NO MORE THAN 900 WORDS, NO INTRODUCTION OR CONCLUSION



Order 679367: Doctor Faustus

  Type of paper Argumentative Essay
  Subject Literature
  Number of pages 5
  Format of citation Other
  Number of cited resources  2
  Type of service  Writing

Our first two  essays have focused on finding and following thematic threads, and then  crafting an argumentative essay based on textual analysis. The third  essay (this one) pushes these skills forward by bringing in the voices  of others  As we?ve been studying Doctor Faustus, I?ve given you various ?contexts?  to help you interpret the main ?text?. For example, it?s interesting to  think about how the play ?performs danger? by having black magic  rituals acted out on stage. An essay could take this idea, integrate it  with contextual/historical insight (magic was explicitly forbidden when  the play was written) and think about how audiences reacted to such  acts, both then and now.  In this essay, you will be expected to add your own context and  integrate it into your analysis.  Now that you?ve finished the play, begin by briefly sketching a few of  the most interesting themes, ideas, and character aspects of the text.  This is to give you a basis on which to build your contextual  foundation.  Using the basic subject/theme/ideas in the book, Research your ideas  further; find interesting ideas that others have put forward that you an  use to bounce your own ideas off of (like from Library websites,  Journal Bases, etc) Think of it as if you?re having a conversation with a  person; they?ve spent some time thinking about this play and are  telling you their thoughts, and you?re engaging with what they?re  telling you and responding with something of your own.  Keep in mind the point of the research is not to find people who have  already argued what you?re arguing. Instead, bounce off them. Something  like ?Others have said X about this topic in Doctor Faustus, but I say  Y?  The basic essay structure will still heavily feature your own argument,  but now you will have others arguments interwoven into the ?fabric? of  your essay. That is, don?t just randomly drop little pieces of others?  work into your essay without connecting it to any of your larger points.  2 sources – One from the book, one from library catalog/databases


graded quiz 8.2

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English 3

Name __________________________________

MLA Documentation Practice Worksheet

Using the information below, write correct parenthetical citations/documentations for each example in the parenthesis provided.

Example of a works cited page:

Donaldson, Sam. Bantering on Watergate. New York: Penguin Books, 1985.

Jennings, Peter. Pushing the Limits of Political Journalism. Washington: Greater ?Politics Press, 1994.

Smith, Charles. I Love Politics: A Guide to Discerning Reality. Chicago: Penn ?Press, 2001.

Xavier, Jason and Thomas Yater. Political Guide to the United States. New York: ?Ballantine, 2004.

Xavier, Jason. Somewhere in the Political Realm. New York: Ballantine, 2002.


1.) “He spoke to us in German and then left us behind” (               ).

–from Donaldson’s Bantering on Watergate, page 45

2.) “I never thought of myself as proud”, says Jennings in his book Pushing the Limits of Political Journalism (                      ).

–This source was located on page 107.

3.) “Politics is such an interesting field” (                                 ).

–From Charles Smith’s book, page 451.

4.) “Enraged is how he felt after the episode” (                             ).

–From Jason Xavier’s book Somewhere in the Political Realm, page 233.

5.) In Political Guide to the United States, Xavier and Yaterexplore the idea that the U.S. is changing politically (                                        ).

–From page 544 of this book.

Practice in text citations 

1. Embed a portion of the following quotation in a sentence using the appropriate citation.  Make up a page number for this exercise.

“Students can expect to find a wider variety of options available to them at college than they had in high school.  They really have no idea what opportunities exist in the big wide world.  The possibilities are endless.”

Smith, Snuffy.  How to Go to College.  Cleveland: Jones, 2005.



2. Embed a portion of the following quote by introducing the author first and giving appropriate citation at the end of the quote.  (Note: for the purposes of this worksheet, you may assume where the quotation came from within the page range given for each example.)

“Students who select colleges because of the potential for partying are often sadly disappointed when it comes time for them to actually begin a career.  Most workplaces don’t have that many parties”

Yokum, Abner.  “Party Animals on Campus.”  Deep Thinker.   12 Mar. 2007: 33-35.



3. Embed two or more sections of this quote in a passage you might write and give appropriate citation by using the ellipsis (…) to indicate the quotation has been abbreviated.

“Life, like any paper topic, neatly divides itself into three major categories—pre-college, college and post-college—each of which is determined primarily by the peculiar fears that dominate that stage.  Of course, those unfortunates who never go to college are condemned to live out their impoverished lives experiencing only the pre-college and post-college stages.”

Crist, Steven G. and George Meyer, eds.  “College and Fear.”  The Harvard Lampoon Big Book of College Life. Garden City, New York: Dolphin, 1978.  62-63.



4. Embed a quotation from a work by two authors, citing it only at the end of the quote.

“If you are considering a career in law, English is actually one of the best majors to consider as an undergraduate.  The skills you learn in logic and analysis transfer well to disputation.”

Collins, Tara and Kelly Almond.  How to be a Lawyer.  Moab: Slickrock, 2006.  19.



5. Embed elements of the same quote using the author’ names to introduce the quote.



6. Use portions of this quote and include the author and title to introduce the quote.

“Naturalists often run afoul of wildlife while in the field.  I myself had my leg chewed off by a puma after falling asleep at lunch one day.  Thinking back, I wish I hadn’t had such a large lunch that day.”

Khlulus, I. M. “Fun with Wildlife.”  Wilderness Ranger June 2004: 17-21.



7. Paraphrase from the quote below and use an appropriate citation in a sentence of your own construction.  (Paraphrase means to put the ideas of another person into your own words.)

“My most successful piece sold for $10,000.  I showed it to this guy I was dating, and he was blown away that it had sold for so much because, to him, it looked like a scene of mud.  I began showing in galleries while still in school.”

Benthin, Stefanie.  “Successful Artists: You Can Be One Too.”  Abstract Art Magazine Oct. 1991: 21+.



8. Embed a quotation from an interview that has no page number.

“I suggest that you study hard in college, but get a job too.  Jobs teach much more than school ever does.”

Workman, Tom.  Personal interview. 25 Feb. 2007.



9. Paraphrase from this quote from a presentation.

“The highest rated colleges this year are those specializing in technical fields.  If you have skills in any area of technology, you can write your own ticket and work anywhere in the world.”

Albers, Joe.  Presentation.  Multiple Intelligences and Career Paths.  Durango, 25 Feb. 2000.



10. Paraphrase this quote from a video.

“I had a dual-major in communications and technology.  When I was ready to graduate, I posted my resume on-line and got called for an interview the very next day.”

One Day. DeVry. 1999-2000.



11. Cite an online subscription for which you paraphrase a portion the following quote.

“There will always be a demand for teachers.  Whether there will also always be a demand for public schools is an issue that will resolve itself within this generation.”

Sabu, Larry.  “We Should Have Let Them Pray.”  TeachingMay 2003: 3+.  MAS Ultra School Edition.  

EbscoHost, Durango High School Media Center.  11 Mar. 2004 <www.epnet/3927_2/dustbunny/vacuum>.



12. Cite a website from which you paraphrase a portion of the following quotation:

“Whatever you do for work in life, the most important thing to remember is not how much money you make or how big a title you have, it is whether you look forward to getting up in the morning and doing it again.  Money can buy things; things can be replaced.  Titles can be bought, which makes them simply things.”

Guthrie, Woody.  “Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key.”  The Unofficial Woody Guthrie Homepage.  14 June 

2006.  The Wooden Box Society.  11 Mar. 2007 <>.



use this link to complete worksheets (Week 3 Assignment 2) attach file 

Assignment #2 the video and review the link before responding to the following questions 200words 

What is difficult about researching?

How can you tell if a source is reliable?

What is the main advice you would give to another student on conducting research?


gened final paper

The final “exam” for this class is a 10-page research essay, which you must submit on Canvas by the due date and time. This paper culminates our study of Middle East politics, and serves as your final exam. It comprises 30% of your total course grade. Late expositions will suffer a scoring penalty of one full letter grade (3.5 points) for every day tardy.

Expectations and Scope

You must apply any one of our broad weekly themes to one Arab country, and from that single case explain why some major event or process occurred. Depending on the theme and country, you can choose from a broad variety of outcomes to explain (e.g., a political episode, an economic problem, a social crisis, an international affair), ranging from the early twentieth century to the current day.

For example, apply our theme about state formation to the case of Jordan, and illustrate how an oil-poor and artificial kingdom under a pro-Western monarchy survived despite the threat of Nasser and Arab Nationalism during the Cold War. Or apply our theme of oil politics to the case of Algeria, and explore how hydrocarbon rents shaped the military regime’s violent response to Islamist opposition in the 1990s. Or, apply our theme of democratization to the case of Egypt, and explain why the 2011 January Revolution succeeded to topple the authoritarian regime under Hosni Mubarak.

As these examples highlight, do not merely summarize past events as historians would, or review current affairs as journalists might. Tell me not what, but why something happened: present a convincing explanation that identifies the causes of a significant event or process.

Research Requirement

You cannot furnish a persuasive explanation without hard evidence. Thus, you are required to support your argument by citing at least three (3) academic sources relevant to your country, such as journal articles, scholarly books, and historical material. The required readings in the syllabus do not count; but the recommended readings do. Casual websites, such as Wikipedia, do not fulfill this requirement, and neither do newspapers and magazines—although you are free to use them for background reading. You may find academic sources through the Temple library system, on both the Paley shelves and online databases.

Length and Format

The essay must be 10 pages, give or take a half-page. Your bibliography or works cited page does not count towards this total. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and 1” margins. Do not print a separate title page. Finally, put page numbers on the upper-right hand corner.

Plagiarism will be subject to penalty, so cite all sources properly. Use either MLA or Chicago-style style (i.e., parenthetical references or bottom footnotes), but be consistent. See the Student Success Center’s online guides: <>. Also, if you have any questions about your choice of topic, please e-mail me or come to my office hours. Finally, remember that the Student Success Center is there to help you.

Grading Criteria

I will grade each essay according to three benchmarks. First, thesis: is there a convincing and rich explanation? Second, structure: does your writing and argumentation flow logically? Third, evidence: is there robust corroborating proof for the argument?

my topic: country of focus: Iran.

Iran nuclear deal. what is problem? its origins? its impact on the region of the middle east? why the current US administration withdrew from the deal? what are the threats behind a nuclear Iran?  


400-800 WORD ESSAY


Heinz Steals the Drug In Europe, a woman was near death from a special kind of cancer. There was one drug that the doctors thought might save her. It was a form of radium that a druggist in the same town had recently discovered. The drug was expensive to make, but the druggist was charging ten times what the drug cost him to make. He paid $200 for the radium and charged $2,000 for a small dose of the drug. The sick woman’s husband, Heinz, went to everyone he knew to borrow the money, but he could only get together about $ 1,000 which is half of what it cost. He told the druggist that his wife was dying and asked him to sell it cheaper or let him pay later. But the druggist said: “No, I discovered the drug and I’m going to make money from it.” So Heinz got desperate and broke into the man’s store to steal the drug-for his wife. Should the husband have done that? (Kohlberg, 1963, p. 19)

Simple assignment: Should Heinz steal or not? Write an essay… okay, so we have another deception in plain sight and it’s not simple. This is a test of self. Wait till you see what it reveals.
1) ASSIGNMENT – justify stealing or not stealing the drug to save your wife (use your imagination, ladies),
2) 400 to 800 word essay in which you with:
3) Research: two backing sources done in MLA-style – Citations (at least two) and Work Cited
4) Abstract betwixed title and paper, NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED IN PAPER, EXAMPLE IS ON ATTACHMENT