Essay #3: Opposing Viewpoint

Essay #3: Opposing Viewpoint Word Count: 750

(Place your word count in parenthesis at the end of your draft.)

I have paled a file below this post, the main point is   Stem Cell Research.  Overview

At this point, you may have started forming your own opinions on your issue. However, in any argument it is important to be informed about opposing viewpoints. Below, you will find a prompt that asks you to look at your topic from a different (or even new) perspective. For this assignment you will need to do the following: Find a respected source that challenges you, causes you to rethink some or all of the views you held on your topic so far. Introduce the source, explain the change, and analyze how the writer/speaker made you rethink your ideas.

You will need to present your opinion on your issue, but you do not have to form a complete argument against this perspective. Instead, tell us how the perspective has influenced and challenged your thinking on your topic. Citations

You should use hyperlinks to cite any of your sources. You may also optionally include a reference list in APA or MLA format at the end of your draft.


Me talk pretty one day

1.Re-read your selected article and take careful notes, using analysis techniques described in Module Two as guidance. For a review of these techniques, please click here. Then, revisit your original interpretation of the author’s goal and re-state the claim to be addressed in your analysis essay. Has the author’s goal changed with this analytical reading of the text? If so, how? If not, why not?

If you need a copy of your article, click on the title of your selected reading to access another co

“Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris (1999)

2. Have you identified new key points that the author uses to try to achieve his or her goal in the selected article? If so, include them here. If not, explain why the key points from your Writing Notes have remained the same, even after conducting an active reading of the article.

3. Re-state the audience who will be reading your essay. What potential challenges will you have supporting your argument with this demographic?


The next activity uses a rich text area. You can tab to the editor body. Press ALT-F10 to get to the toolbar. Press ESC to return to the editor body. A save button is available in the top toolbar all the way to the right and will become visible when it receives focus.

4. Your goal is the end result that you wish to achieve in writing the critical analysis essay. What goal do you hope to accomplish with this essay? For example, you may disagree with the author and demonstrate why they are incorrect, or you may agree but want to further substantiate their claim.

5. Evidence is the material that supports your argument. Based on your claim, determine potential places where evidence would be most effective. Defend your choices. For example, if you disagree with an author’s point, you would want to use evidence to support your view.


6. You will be receiving feedback on this draft. Feedback is helpful information or criticism that explains what can be done to improve your essay. How can your own writing improve from receiving feedback from an outside party? How can that feedback be integrated in the final project?


7. During the revision process, a writer rereads the essay and makes significant changes in content, organization, etc. to build the argument in a stronger, more logical manner. You will learn more about revision strategies in Module 7, but some of the most common revision techniques are peer evaluation (where you have a classmate review your essay and provide you with feedback), read aloud (where you print out a hard copy of your essay and read it aloud slowly), and read backwards (where you read the essay backwards word by word or paragraph by paragraph). Identify a revision strategy that would be most effective in informing you while writing this essay. Why would this strategy be effective?


2page discussion of the Harlem renaissance including writers

2page discussion of the Harlem renaissance including writers

Do not plagiarize! your paper will have a works cited page


Procrastination "Type" Self-Assessment:

Procrastination “Type” Self-Assessment:

This assessment is based on Linda Sapadin’s book It’s About Time! The 6 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them. Through taking this survey, considering solutions, and writing personal reflections, students may become more aware of the tendencies, patterns, and fears that underlie their procrastination habits. Most people find that several of the underlying styles/fears impact their time management issues, but that one or two tend to be the most prominent.

Take the quiz and post a paragraph explaining your results and how you might work with them to earn some extra points for your “process and tools” grade.

Online quiz: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Solutions: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Essay 2: Cause and Effect Essay


750-1000 Words

This essay is to be written in third personPreview the document

It must be in MLA format (if it is not properly formatted, it will not be graded)

It must be spell-checked and proof read before submission

It must be uploaded to Canvas in a MS Word file

Cause/Effect is any argument that uses the term because in it. If you argue “I got a bad grade because…” then you are emphasizing the causes. If you argue “Because I got a bad grade, these things happened” then you are emphasizing the effects. Most cause/effect essays will reflect one side or the other of the equation, not both. Trying to explain both causes AND effects for an argument can become quite lengthy, quite quickly. 

Plagiarism free with references


Edit and Revise Paper

*Improve Grammar


*Fixed references

*Fix Conclusion

Paper must be in 3rd person


Editting-Resrach Paper

I have a 41/2 pages of Research Paper that I want to be editted and peer-reviewed. 

I need;

-Gramatical correction

-Change of some words and sentences

-connection between paragraphs

-Coherent paper with all aspects

-Two additional paragraph added and an additional research with citation to the paper in order to make it better and long enough to exceed 5 pages.


I have highlighted some part of the essay that I want you to also look at



The effect of music on mood

There will be 3 categories. 1- Energy 2- Relaxation 3- Romantic 

so the essay will be about how the music effects these three categories ? 

For each category I need 2 Citations:

1- Exact quote “—–” (Author’s last name, the year, page).

2- Paraphrase ——- (Author’s last name, the year)

The essay should be look like this:

1- Topic 

2- Attention Getter 

3- Thesis 

4- Support/examples for each category 

5- Conclusion (Summary)


Intro C psychology response



Reflection on the Course Journal


In this final journal, please spend some time reflecting on your progress by responding to the following questions: What did you learn about writing process in this course? How has your writing process changed over the last 15 weeks?

Learnt to be much better writer Why is it important to know your audience and understand the situation each time you write? What are some of the skills you learned in this course that will help you in future college courses that require writing? What are some of the skills you learned in this course that will help you in the writing you have to do at work?

Your journal entry should be at least 200 words in length. Please remember that only you and your professor will have access to your journal.