Assignment 2: Business Environment and Marketing Research

Assignment 2: Business Environment and Marketing Research


Using the Waters Bottling Companyin Module 1, continue to build the Marketing Plan Sections for the product you have selected/ invented/ created. Complete the following in MS Word: Be concise but complete in your analysis of each plan element. Your employer wants to know you have left nothing out in your analysis.




This assignment represents Section 2 of the Marketing Plan. Use the Marketing Plan guide to identify the sections of the Marketing Plan and the marketing elements contained therein. This assignment will focus on Section 2 – Marketing Research & Target marketing (Module 2).

Section 2 – Market Research & Targeting (Module 2)

Market Research

Research Methods & Data Mining

Market Research Process

Consumer Behavior

B2C vs. B2B

Consumer Decision Making Process

Factors Affecting B2C and B2B consumer behavior

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation Concepts

Segmentation Process

Segmentation Strategies

Target Marketing

Relate all responses using the WBC scenario and the product you have selected to market in Module 1. 




Create a 4- to 6-page Word document for your Marketing Plan sections. Apply a standard business writing style using the Market Planning Guide sections as your (headers/ sub heads/ bullets) to your work. Be sure to cite your work in the APA format.


Rhetorical Method/Communication



1.  To enhance the student’s understanding of rhetorical theory and criticism.

2.  To provide students with the opportunity for in-depth analysis of a rhetorical artifact through the frame of a rhetorical theory.

3.  To refine the student’s written communication.


( Must first select a current artifact. This artifact must have been orifinally created or shared in 2015. It can be a song, a court case, a speech a commecial. Anything shared in 2015. I can give you the one I selected or you can select your own. ORIGINAL WORK, as this will be verified via I will also give $25 extra if I get an A)Each student will select a rhetorical method to use in analyzing the artifact previously described in the short paper.Each student then will independently write a paper explaining and evaluating the rhetorical artifact.  This paper should be 8-10 pages.  The paper should be typed, proof-read, and professional looking.  Each paper should have an Introduction (that arouses the reader’s interest, explicitly states the thesis of the paper, and previews the body of the paper), a body, and a conclusion (that summarizes the body of the paper, restates the thesis, and heightens the reader’s interest).  The introduction and conclusion should each be about a half-page long.  Yes, you may use the justification paper verbatim or revised for this part of the paper.The body of this paper should be divided into four sections (Please include these headings ):

 Section One – Explication of the Artifact.  In this section the author should provide an overview of the artifact to be scrutinized.  For example, if it is a speech, who presented it, when and where was it presented, who attended the presentation, etc.  The intent here is to provide only enough information so that the reader will understand what comes next.  The author’s voice in this section is descriptive.  This should take less than a page .  Yes, you may use the justification paper verbatim or revised for this part 

 Section Two – Justification for the Selection of the Artifact.  In this section the author should provide a well-argued rationale for why this artifact merits scholarly investigation.  This should take about 2 pages.   Yes, you may use the justification paper verbatim or revised for this part.

 Section Three – Analysis of the Artifact.  In this section the author should introduce the scholar’s method and then use the rhetorical method to reveal things about the rhetorical artifact that would otherwise be missed.  The author should use the terminology of the rhetorical scholar and go beyond the text level to reveal the subtext or latent level of understanding.  The author’s voice in this section is that of advocacy.  You are reaching conclusions, using the scholar’s ideas and language.  You must support these conclusions with the artifact or explanation of your reasoning.  This should take about 4-5 pages .  All of this writing should be new as this was NOT covered in the first paper.

 Section Four – Assessment of the Artifact/Rhetor.  In this section the author should identify a standard that the author wishes to use to assess the artifact/rhetor.  If the standard is something other than effectiveness, the author should justify the use of this standard.  The author should then render a judgment about the artifact.  Is it successful?  Why or why not? Is it ethical?  Why or why not?  This should take 1-2 pages .  All of this writing should be new as this was NOT covered in the first paper.

 The appropriate use of secondary sources (inartistic proof) in each section is required.  Each argument in section three should use the text (or description) of the artifact as support for the argument.  The ideas presented should be the student’s based on the student’s understanding of the artifact and the rhetorical method.  Ideas from others MUST be properly cited using the MLA or APA style manua


 A hardcopy is due at the start of class.  The paper must submitted to 



1.  Meeting the requirements of the assignment 

2.  Writing quality

3.  Insight

4.  Accuracy

5.  Appropriate quantity, quality and use of references

6.  Argumentative quality of analysis and assessment





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essay type ; cause and effect

topic: capital punishment 

 PRINCIPLES OF THE ESSAY(5 PARAGRAPHS) Introduction. hook, briefly describe topic, thesis statement, bridge transition(8 sentences). body(3 paragraphs) conclusion . answer de introduction 

Important Essay must be typed in APA format  A cluster is required The thesis can never be a question  APA format  Front size 12  Font type: Times New Roman Margins 1 inch  Every paragraph must be indented by 5 spaces  Every page must have a page number . (plane number) in the right side  Title of the assignment must be centered  Space between lines 1.15  No contractions can be used  No special fonts can be used (Exp BOLD) Indent first line of every paragraph. 5 spaces  REFERENCE PAGES  The cluster is without page number.


Valeria Olivares


Professor Perez 

October 7, 2019  

(2 SPACES)Then the title in the center 

The references must be like the image but with the real page references .

this essay must be have a cluster in the last part without page number 


Order 1417170: Discussion 2: Chapter 1

   Type of paper Essay (Any Type)
  Subject English
  Number of pages 1
  Format of citation Other
  Number of cited resources  0
  Type of service  Writing

Chapter 1  introduces ideas about entering into conversation and engaging with the  ideas of others. You have 2 posts in this discussion.  1. Your own post: Choose a template from Chapter 1. Quote the template  and provide a page number, and explain how the template works. Then,  describe whether how you find the template useful (or not useful).  2. Reply to a classmate: Find a classmate?s post that you can add to.   Your job is not to critique the fulfillment of the assignment or simply  praise the post. Engage with what your classmate has written.


eng315 week 10 discussion


Review a guide to writing cover letters, located at Next, reflect on what you learned regarding the importance and structure of job application cover letters. Ascertain the key factors an employer may take into consideration when determining whether an applicant receives a job interview. Identify two (2) key skills that you learned during the course that you think will add to your communication effectiveness. Think about your goal established in Week 5’s discussion. How well did you progress towards achieving that goal? What additional work must you do to achieve or expand that goal?


assignment for A-plus writer

A-plus writer 


for anyone

Please describe the qualities and characteristics that promote a positive patient-physician relationship, as well as those that detract from such a relationship. Which do you think are most important and why? How do these relationships influence your satisfaction with the medical care that you receive?

Base your responses on both the assigned text readings, your own perspectives, and any other resources that you care to use (i.e, journal articles, book chapters, internet material). Please feel free to share any personal experiences that you may have had in relation to this topic. Don’t forget to cite your sources!


Cazetta post

Patient-physician relationships are the primary important factor when providing quality care.  Patients desire physicians to show empathy, one who is knowledgeable, provides patient education in terms that the patient comprehends,  and is attentive.  All of these characteristics embody meeting the patient’s needs and leaves the patient feeling positive about their encounter.  A positive relationship and experience makes room for patient satisfaction. Communicating to the patient clearly, medication instructions and other important medical information sets the tone for a healthy conversation. 

What detracts from the relationship is lack of healthy communication skills, shared decision making, empathy and compassion, understanding different cultures, and language barriers.  When incorporating shared decision making into the patient-physician experience,  the family becomes involved, patients are educated, and personal and cultural preferences are made known and can be addressed. 

Grace post

I think that a positive patient and physician relationship is important to make sure that you are getting the best and most appropriate care for the need that you are in. Trust, open communication, honesty, and respect are some of the factors that it takes to have a positive and effective relationship with your physician (Shipman, 2010). If these characteristic are felt by the patient, they will be more trusting and willing to follow their physicians treatment plan and advice. I feel that honesty and trust are the most important because, that will get you the most effective and direct treatment and care. If you can be honest with your doctor about symptoms of medication, no matter how embarrassing, the sooner he or she can point you in the better direction for your wants and needs. I was lucky to find that within my medical network, however, my husband and I just moved to Michigan. I will need to take the time to hunt for a new physician for us, sooner rather then later. I think one factor that has surfaced that may hurt the patient and physician relationship is, the internet. Many people think they can look up what is actually wrong with them, they diagnose themselves, and continue to follow WebMDs treatment plan instead of their own physician. People that look to social media or the internet to diagnose themselves or find their treatment plan are sometimes their own worst enemies. 

Tiffany post

Parents usually respect the opinions of their child’s early childhood professional and will welcome many suggestions. To help encourage parents’ choices in food selections for their children they can offer material on healthy kid friendly recipes and snack choices. Many times, parents just need some ideas on what food to offer when they have run out of ideas on their own. Another idea that I’ve seen work first hand is to host a family fun night and have parents and children come out and learn how to make healthy foods from a certified chef. This event is not only fun, but parents walk away with ideas and are encouraged to make better food choices for their family. 

Part 2:

Discuss how early childhood professionals can address childhood obesity and healthy nutrition in the early childhood classroom. Please discuss two examples for the classroom environment and one example to share with parents for the home environment.

Obesity can be addressed by simply just discussing good and bad food choices with the children inside the classroom. Sharing ideas and showing alternatives to bad foods can really help them think about the food they eat at home. Unfortunately, children are not solely responsible for the food they eat, their parents buy the food in the house and allow them to eat it. If children have an idea of what food choices are good, they can suggest those food options to their parents. As a parent I would see my child suggestion of a good food choice as a great idea. 

Maxine post

One example  in an early childhood setting that  can help encourage  the parents  choices  in the food they are giving their  child  is to  show them the menu  of the  food  that the school gives. I know in the school  I work  for  we give fruit  with  both  breakfast and lunch. Snack  they  give the healthy snacks like string cheese yogurt and sometimes the  snacks are small bags of cheese- its or  a small bag of vanilla wafers or a small bag of ghramm crackers. Showing  a parent  a menu is  very important because what if the parent has not tried  giving their child a fruit  with their meal. One  the fruit is healthy  but  will fill the  child up, and two what if the  child  never  had it and  then they  have  a  reaction they will be able to  tell the  doctor  what they  had to make sure they  are  not  allergic. 

Another example  is culture has  a big part in food. Some cultures  eat different  food and  not use  to the American  food  that is given in the day  care.  The  day care I work  at is mixed races  and  we  have our food  catered in  from  a company and  some of the  food  is  a big  hit  and  other times the  children  do not want it, not all of  them. After  i  read  the information  from  I learned  about the  different  cultural.  “With a Celebration of Culture, you can: • Recognize the value of healthy food and identify healthy choices using culturally relevant examples. • Learn how foods from all cultures can be part of a healthy diet. • Encourage nutrient-rich food choices from the diverse cuisines, cultures and traditions available today” Some  cultures do not  allow  people in their  culture  eat different  foods,  for  example  African  Americans  have  a period of  time they  can not eat meat . If  the  child in  the  center is  African  American  talk  to  the parent  to  see if  they  are allowing their child to  have meat if  not if they can bring something  in for them to  eat.


If a child likes  a certain food they  will  want  to keep eating it.  You have to monitor  the in  take  they have. The  child might  not need be happy  with you at the moment because you  are saying “no  more” but you  are really helping them out. As teachers you have to be on the same page with the parents about the food in take.


Fin 550 week 4 assignment Assignment 1: Portfolio Management

Assignment 1: Portfolio Management

Due Week 4 and worth 200 points

Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you:Analyze the relationship between risk and rate of return, and suggest how you would formulate a portfolio that will minimize risk and maximize rate of return.Formulate an argument for investment diversification in an investor portfolio.Address how stocks, bonds, real estate, metals, and global funds may be used in a diversified portfolio. Provide evidence in support of your argument.Evaluate the concept of the efficient frontier and how you will use it to determine an asset portfolio for a specified investor.Consider the economic outlook for the next year in order to recommend the ideal portfolio to maximize the rate of return for the short term and long term. Explain the key differences between the short and long term.Use four (4) external resources to support your work. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Evaluate portfolio performance and develop recommendations to improve a firm’s investment performance.Use technology and information resources to research issues in corporate investment analysis.Write clearly and concisely about corporate investment analysis using proper writing mechanics


SLP #2

Write a reflection piece in which you discuss the ways in which your educational experience at Trident(current university) has influenced and shaped you, preparing you for future educational and/or career plans. Be sure to include specific courses, assignments, essays, projects, experiences, and/or faculty/staff to support your response.

Write a reflection piece (no less than two pages in length) that is organized and well supported, using examples and details from your experience.

*First year here so no experiences, you can relate to a previous college, university experience.*


Week 3- Assignment

Final Paper Outline