1105: 3P

Discussion Board Participation (3 weeks X 10% each = 30% of final grade) This project has 2 parts: one is answer the discussion part(350 words) , anther one reply 2 student’s work (total 500 words),  plz use 3 words doc to upload them Discussion begins at 00:01 ET on the Monday of each week
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To facilitate interaction, students are expected to review the online postings on a regular basis even after they have posted their own minimum required postings (300+ words minimum for a primary response; 200+ words minimum in secondary responses).

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Please be mindful that the Discussion Board is a space for academic exchanges. As a result, students are accountable for using proper and exacting punctuation, spelling, and grammar. In addition, you are required to reference all outside sources in correct APA citation format. It is crucial that all participants maintain a high regard for proper decorum in the Discussion Board.

Chapter 6 discusses ethics in crisis communication.

In crisis communication is lying ever justified?

Which do you believe is more important, the ethical considerations or practical ramifications of lying during a crisis?