6 Top Tech Companies to Work for in Seattle

Written By Alla Levin
October 27, 2020

6 Best Tech Companies to Work For In Seattle

Seattle has recently evolved to one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech hub with talent posing as competitor to Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay Area. With the massive growth experienced in the Northern Pacific, Seattle alone contributed over 30,000 jobs in 2016 and 2017 and become one of the top cities to relocate.

Reports by Geekwire revealed that Seattle supports 165,264 high tech software and services jobs, amounting to almost 42% of office jobs in the area. Such statistics clearly indicate how Seattle is a hotspot for tech talent.

If you want to join this workforce, here’s a list of companies in Seattle to keep eye on.

AmazonAmazon Spheres

Amazon is one of the biggest names that dominate Seattle’s job market. Amazon campus in Seattle consists of 40 buildings with a wide array of facilities. The company is popular for promoting healthy work-life balance among its employees through telecommuting, flexible work environments, and community-oriented workspaces.

The Seattle Amazon campus has job openings at any given time. You can apply for vacancies such as software development; technical project, and systems engineering among others.

Depending on your professional qualifications, you can check on the available positions from the website to see if you can stand a chance to work with the e-commerce giant. Amazon headquarters is an amazing place to work.

Even in you visiting Seattle, find some time to visit Amazon Spheres. So many details were considered in this construction: from custom drapes to a number of Amazon rainforest unique plants.

Best Companies to Work for in Seattle: Tableau Software

Founded in 2013, Tableau Software Company specializes in creating interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence (BI). The company’s main agenda is to empower people with data.

The company is popular because every decision made is backed by a fact, meaning that the company is indeed data-driven. It is therefore ideal for analytical thinkers.

If you wish to work with a data-driven company, then Tableau offers a selection of positions at their Seattle headquarters.  As Tableau is purely data and technology-focused, a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics, or a master’s degree in computer science could land you a job there.

Porchbest companies to work for in Seattle

Established in 2013, Porch is an online platform dedicated to connecting homeowners with local home improvement contractors. The website has increasingly become one of the biggest companies in Seattle with 3 million listed professionals and 130 million home improvement projects.

Owing to this growth, Porch has engaged a huge pool of professional workers to steer its vision ahead. Porch CEO, says, “I am blessed to lead a company that is filled with world-class people. I learn from them every day. They carry our values in everything they do. They are problem solvers, they persevere, they have empathy, and they care deeply. I simply could not ask for a better team.”

As a member of the Porch team, you would enjoy their vacation policy, comprehensive health plans, 401k program, and family leave. So be sure to horn your skills if you want to work with Porch. For instance, if you have an advanced degree in project management or leadership, this could be your employer.

Microsoftbest companies to work for in Seattle

This is another top-notch employer based in Seattle. The tech giant has continued to expand ever since its inception in 1986. Today, the company accommodates over 30,000 employees. Working at Microsoft exposes you to various benefits including unique outdoor meeting spaces, a sports arena, and nearly two dozen cafes and restaurants.

The company is strongly rooted in diversity and inclusion. The employees have created over 50 communities for career development, support, mentoring, and other areas to help promote cultural awareness.

Microsoft is a huge company and therefore expect to find openings on their website. Keep an eye at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus to see any job opening. With a Master of Science in Information Systems or Innovation, you are a good fit to join the Microsoft team in Seattle.

SAP Concurbest companies to work for in Seattle

SAP was formerly Concur Technologies, a SaaS company that provides travel and expense management services to businesses. They design cloud-based products to help their clients with effortless transparency into company spending. The company has its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, and other branches across the world.

Concurs Bellevue office hosts 2500 employees, who enjoy a large open office space to facilitate collaboration. This office hosts monthly social activities and is actively involved in community development. The company believes in building, developing, and strengthening the communities in which they live and work.

With its rapid growth, you can expect to come across job openings anytime. Among the popular job titles in Concur are mobile developers, software engineers, and application security architects.

Expedia Groupbest companies to work for in Seattle

Expedia is focused on travel booking and it consists of other brands including Hotels.com, Travelocity, HomeAway, and others. The company was initially founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996 its split in 1999 to become its own entity. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, planning to diversify to the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle soonest.

As a worker at Expedia, expect a huge share of benefits including comprehensive health insurance, financial and retirement planning, tuition assistance, and others. The company focuses on staff development through tuition assistance and training.

Divya Bhardwaj, Supervisor of International Payroll in Gurgaon said that the company is unique in its way. “The people! I love the One Team, Group First culture, and the appetite for extraordinary customer service advanced from a diet of customer-centric values.”

If you have the right qualifications, then be sure to keep your eye on Expedia’s job listings.

Best Companies to Work for in Seattle: Conclusion

Seattle is undeniably a city that is undergoing massive growth, that’s why professionals from all over want to break into the Seattle work scene. For the talented, hardworking, and dedicated professionals, Seattle companies will open their hands wide for you.

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